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I have a distinct outlook on peoples energies and can definitely tell what type of person you are by your conversation. I have been practicing interacting with different people and helping with their love lives for approx. 6 months. I often have visions and I spend my time interpeting the meaning behind the dreams. Assisting loved ones with advice and or readings about their current or past relationships is what I do. Hopefully I can chat with you and get to know you and assist you.



I began practicing at a very young age and I've always been told my gift is amazing and I've been beyond blessed. I love to share my gift with individuals who need it the most. I've helped so many relationships along and I've helped many people discover themselves as well as their soulmate.



I see the light. In 2017 I went to Israel and found my teacher, and have since been trained in a style of seeing that seeks truth and good. I am trained to see the truth, and to interpret energy. I use my third eye to see energy, travel through time and space, and bring back knowledge and insight to help clear the fog of the physical plane. I encourage questions about love and relationships, problems in daily life, career and other matters. I also specialize in Chakras and energy work.


As a young child, I always had the ability to see spirits. Overtime, I've developed my communication with them as well as my ability to read Gypsy Tarot. I follow the Palo Mayombe & Santeria traditions. I am a caring, empathic person who will always give you the truth even when it's not what you want to hear. I've been giving professional readings for many years and have helping others for as long as I can remember. In closing, with the help of the Egguns, I love helping others find clarity!


I always listening to people first and never like to quickly run into assumptions. The best way to communicate with a person is to fully listen to what they're saying. I've always been one to read up on zodiac signs and for some reason they've always been really fascinating to me. I have a good eye for the good and bad in relationships and friendships. I can easily tell you that love makes us do stupid things and it's important to be aware of our actions and how they affect our surroundings.


Kind easy-going psychic. Energy is everything. I'm really fond of aura reading. The energy we put out affects the world and people around us. As mixing colors create a whole new color the same goes for energies. I'm also a gifted empath. I love astrology as though we are all stars in the galaxy of life.