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I was young when I noticed things. I could feel spirit guides talking and telling me things. I have a sense of knowing when things are t Right.

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My name is Sandra and I am an experienced empath Clairvoyant medium I can help you with your love relationships family and perhaps messages from your loved ones who have passed on I am here to help you I am here to solve your problems I am attentive and I will be able to ease your mind with being able to feel your energy and communicating with the Spirit guides to bring you the answers you are looking for

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Step into the Goddess realm and let me use my intuition to guide and help you through your spiritual journey through life..

Personal number 6610


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I have insight into matters regarding love,luck,health,career,family,and can tell you about events in your near future. Communication with those who have past is my specialty and where I gain my insight into the unknown

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I can Answer any questions you have. Love, relationships, fortune, family, friendship, your past, future or present.

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I have been raised around the topic and the practice of the paranormal. I am a sensitive amd can see amd talk to people that have passed on. I get this gift from my grandmother and plan on using it myself.

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Hello! I have over 20 years of tarot reading experience for my community of the Onondaga Indian Nation and through other social media platforms. I use my gifts of healing and empathy to help you look into your future and sort out issues you may be having.

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