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since I was 5 years old I knew I had psychic abilities I have study and worked along the best psychic readers and crystals healers I am from a long blood line of psychic healers I have used my abilities so much in my life from helping find a lost loved one to finding inner peace I can help with all areas of your life past present and future I have helped with infertility I use my abilities to also heal with crystals

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Intuitive psychic and studied astrology for many years- The astrological composite chart, one that views the relationship between two poeple as an entity in itself, can help you understand the draws and pitfalls of a relationship. To do a compatibility chart I need birthdates of both partners; For an indivdual chart I need a date, place and time of birth accurate to within 3 minutes. Best to book calls and provide birth details at that time so I can prepare- I am available 7pm to 9pm Mon-Fri.

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Everything in the universe is made of energy or particles. The desk in front of you is in constant energetic motion, and is, in essence, made of light. As are you. I will help you to harness this energy for self healing, gifting my own for guidance both mindfully and spiritually.

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I am from a family with a long generation of psychic abilities. When I was 7 years old I started to things happening in the bath water now I see it in the dish water and the events always happen in a matter of weeks or months. I work with my angel guides and they help me understand what im being shown

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I have been doing Tarot and Psychic readings for over 15 years. I'm accurate and truthful and my customers are always satisfied and amazed.I can help you with finding a solution to your answer.Call me you wont regret it.

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Psychic abilities Clairvoyance Clairaudience Clairsentience - clear feeling Claircognizance - clear knowledge Precognitive Dreams Clairvoyant Dreams The world of dreams Interpretation of dreams Precocious dreams, Clairvoyant Dreams Visit Dreams

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I'm still discovering and developing my psychic abilities, and I'm learning something new about my psychic abilities every day. I would love to talk to you and see if I can share something with you.

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