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I have over 19 years of experience . My Specialties are Tarot Cards Astrology and My Spirit Guides help me to get you on the right path of life ... All matters of Life will be answer threw one reading .. Love Money , Career and Relationships

Personal number 4385


I discovered I was gifted at 7 years of age when I would tell older people stuff and it's happened at that time I was called a prophet I ended up into the occult and now I guide people to the right career help people find there soul mates and purpose in life I use stones the tarot and numerology

Personal number 5126


I combine psychic clairvoyance, and clairaudience with years of medium abilities. I specialize in reading the The Madame Lenormand Cartomancy cards, automatic writing, and Kabbalah cards. I have experience in working with Crystals, and assisting others with empowering themselves Spiritually. I work with compassion, and I believe in truth with a gentle heart. I am the daughter of a great Psychic and Healer who recently passed on, and I sometimes work with him to assist me with readings.

Personal number 9490


My sessions begin with an offer of gratitude to your Ancestors and Spirit Guides for their contribution to you as an individual and humanity as a collective. Our ancestors and Spirit Guides are always with us and are often trying to assist us in fulfilling our life purpose. My mission is to help you understand these communications in your daily life to empower you individually and us all collectively.

Personal number 3431


An empathetic soul with deep understanding to how to connect with people. I'm an intuative who is growing her knowledge of Tarot, and unable to offer readings at this time, but looking forward to eventually sharing the skill.

Personal number 4436


Hello everyone! Since I was a child, I was always very empathetic. Later on in life, I realized that I could for certain feel other's emotions, but not only that. I had this gut feeling, a very instinctual feeling rather, of the futures concerning my friends. I would use this feeling, to give my friends advice. I've been right about almost everything they've encountered.

Personal number 0506


I've been a healer for 13 years and I would love to help you with anything that you need. I specialize in the areas of Tarot, Spirit guides, Clairvoyance as well as general love & relationship advice.

Personal number 4840


Welcome! I'm Hannah Olivia, a natural born psychic, empath and trusted confidant. I have over 10 years experience as a psychic, providing deep and meaningful insight to all of my clients, every time, guaranteed. My mission is to provide you with the answers you need and to help you understand what is not clear to you already. Experienced in spiritual healing and awakenings, life and relationship advice based on clairvoyance/intuition, and so much more. Give me a call, I'm waiting to help!

Personal number 3596