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My abilities: Clairvoyance (Seeing) Claircognizance (Knowing) Clairaudience (Hearing) My specialty is helping people in removing and/or preventing life's obstacles & helping them find the true meaning of happiness. I am straight to the point I don't waste your money or my time if there is a problem I will adress it and I will help you solve it with my help you and I can work together as a team to get you back on your destin path.

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Personal number


I am a born gifted psychic I have been helping people in all matters in life for 10 years I advise people to find peace with ones self and manifest they're true potential I will give you a understanding of how the universe can impact our life's Through spiritual healing and advising personal and professional matters can be over come I specialize in Tarot and Angel cards Psychic and Energy readings chakra and light work I am known for my honesty and integrity Readings that will astonish you

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I first discovered my ability when I was 6 years old. I could see things before they happened. Shortly after, I discovered my ability to know of peoples pasts just by talking to them. I practised for a long time on friends and family, and when I reached adulthood, I turned my ability into a career. I really hope my services can help people.

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Genuine and straight to the point. No fluff. Will help guide you down the right path. Able to give times and dates as to when an event will occur.

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I help with advising you on your love, career or current relationship. I can advice on what to monitor in the week, month oryear.

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I am an expert in love and relationships, angel cards and am a medium. I'll be able to help you in these categories to the best of my abilities.

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