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I have been a psychic for over 10 years now. I have always had a special gift and I feel it is my place to use it for the better good to help others. I discovered my psychic abilities around the age of 12, it was very exciting yet a little scary for me as I had to learn how to control myself around others. I have a very strong intuition and this allows me to connect with people just like you! Give it a try, I promise you won't regret it!

Personal number 2584


I'm a 19 year old who's recently found love for this form of work I'm pretty new but I'm the best many would say I've been through ,seen & felt many things but healing is key

Personal number 3381


Love helping people out. Getting to know they situations and giving them advice on how to fix it. I can help with anything...

Personal number 1997


I inherited my psychic nature from my nanny Rose who was a English gypsy and had a 7 sense in predicting the future. From an early age I could see 5hings that actually went on to happen and now I can help people who want to know about past present or future in their life's

Personal number 8460


Natural Empath, trained clairvoyant and clairaudient. Over 12 years experience in astrology and numerology. I tap into the spirit guides that speak just for you. I enjoy helping people find answers. I connect with your higher self, and find the path the universe has destined for you, discovering the Spirits and energies that will guide you on your road to personal greatness. You are reaching for your dreams, towards your career, financial, and relationship goals, and I am here to help.

Personal number 1073


Hello my name is Vanessa and I'm a spirit guide. I help guide spirits to their destination at night when I Astro travel. I'd really like to help others in this life find their way through to the other side


Hello there come to me for help and guidance on many matters you and always feel free to message me when I am offline as I will get back to you as soon as possible can rely on me to give you helpful and practical advice I'll just be in here to listen I'm very experienced with spirit and psychic phenomena and will help you to manage or cleanse yourself I'm very experienced in counselling I'm talking to people about their problems and supporting them through tough times I will be here to help you


I am experienced with 15+years of Tarot/Angel and Oracle card readings. I use these cards as tools to guide my empathic intuition. I am a certified Reiki Master,Color therapist and Intuitive spiritual life Coach. Together we will explore your most pressing questions and concerns.

Personal number 0817