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Intuitive and spiritual, a natural mind-reader. Can sense energies and how and what people are thinking. Experienced motivational speaker, Influential and amicable. I can help with anything spiritual, just give me a message!

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Hello I'm jessiej and I work with angel cards. I'm a intuitive psychic agony aunt. A psychic reading from me will guide you towards your destiny in love, relationships and business.

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Master in Psychology Certified Psychic Counselor Certified in Tarot Reading A genuine Clairvoyant Certified Astrologer Certified Numerologist Spiritual Counselor and a ordained minister I have my own psychic shop for over 20 years

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My Name is serendipity, yes, really. Ren for short. I read Tarot and interpret dreams. I'm skilled in Lucid dreaming.

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Hi, This is Lilpepper; Since I was quite young I have always been intrigued by the tarrot. I have been using my tarrot cards for 10+ years. My type of reading is more towards the feelings I receive from my participant, and the readings are more as a guide-line to help navigate this individual through trials, tributlation and triumphs. All of us sometimes just need help to see more clearly. I hope I can be the one to guide you through your questions.

Personal number 1404


Born in a small village in rural Australia and trained in Tarot, Kineseology, energy work, Spiral dancing and other alternative working Im now focusing on channeling my psychic abilities to healing and guiding people to optimizing their lives

Personal number 1032


I am very knowledgeable when it comes to relationships and self healing. I have enough personal experience to get you through anything!!

Personal number 0683


I am a 10th generation universally gifted clairvoyant reader empath & a expert in the field of tarot my gifts help in all areas of life such as love career marriage divorce separation friends & family I have helped many across the globe find the answers to there most pressing questions i am able to guide those to the right path and help theme find there destiny and soul purpose if you are feeling lost & hopeless do know I am here for you to help in any matter blessings

Personal number 0601