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I have been doing Tarot card readings for about 4 years now. People would describe me as insightful and a good listener that's willing to help with anything. I have a special deck that I use, and it just works wonders for me.


Having been raised by a shaman and her tribe my entire life, I have always been drawn to the spiritual. From an indigo child to prismatic woman, I've found my psychic abilities are a gift both from the universe and my support system, and I've integrated a myriad of spiritual practices into my own personal craft. I've been practicing for over 10 years, and have had the honor of working with Laurie Cabot herself, as well as taken courses alongside many of her coven. I do hope we can speak soon!


I have been given this gift from such an early age. I never really understood what it all meant, but now as I've gotten older I understand I was given this gift to pass on messages to people that seek answers. By channeling these wonderful gifts I have been blessed with I can help you seek those answers. Do you have questions? I've got what you're looking for. I specialise in Love & Relationships. Guidance. Work & Personal Relationships. Angel Cards. Healing.


With over 20 years of experience discover your path for love and those who belong in it. Helped thousands of people find love and make decisions that will lead to ultimate happiness. Come connect to your path.


I'm a honest reader and i will get straight to the point and won't sugar coat. If you need or want answers I can help you with fast replies. I can pick up on other energies. At the age of 8 I was able to connect with people who have passed on. I take pride into what I do and I love helping others.


I discovered my psychic abilities at a very young age, realising I was able to connect and heal the world around me when I chose to tap into my third eye. I dabble in dynamic astrology, using your birth chart (and your lovers if relationships are what you choose to discuss) to find out current personal problems and past experiences we can work on to better your future through personal healing and growth. Let me help you better you through the wonders of my work.


Sometimes we get lost in the forest of life and no matter what way you look you can not find the path. Take my hand I will lead you to the path and I will walk with you. Together we will find answers to all your questions. I am a Celtic Druid and I will make contact with my many guides on the other side to help us on our journey.


I have been doing this for almost 3 years now! I specialize in live and romance, want to know when you'll find your next partner, or if you e already found your soulmate? I can give you the answers you seem and a bit of advice to help you get that special one!