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I can help you with anything that you would like all you have to do is just ask me and I'll tell you

Personal number 8500


At a young age I would hear voices and when I was about 12 we went on vacation to Hawaii and this woman came up to me and my mother and started to cry. My mother ask her what was wrong? The woman looked at me and then took my mothers hands and looked at her in her eyes and says. Mam your child speaks to the sprites and the sprites speak to you daughter. Please keep her safe and keep her eyes to her God to lead her on what she should do. As I got older and with my heart I can understand them.

Personal number 8688


I am an empath and intuitive ready to help you along your journey. I have always had a strong awareness of my gifts and abilities as an empathic person and healer. I utilize crystals to charge the universal energy that runs through my Tarot deck and I use them in my own life to bring about awakened senses and awareness. As a Reiki and Sound healer, I am more conscious of the energy forces around me and of people. This plays an integral part in my ability to read Tarot and in my accuracy.


I have been to a new culture and a world that speak differently. I can feel your feelings and generate a view of life I am educated Very open personality Outgoing Caring


Heirs of the past, Children of the present, makers of the future. Your a brave, free-thinking go-better who doesn't like to follow the crowd but probably lead one. Plus who doesn't love their ideas posted.

Personal number 4993


My name is precious, I discovered that I was psychic as a young girl and develop this skill throughout my life experience. I worked with Angel cards and the spirit which direct me into different areas which I specialise in love and relationship and work related issues family matters and I think that your desires I can look into my God will direct me to the answer you're looking for . I also work as healing and spells to help you accomplish what you need in your life and counselling.


Hi my name is Vivien I am a psychic advisor I been doing readings for over 6 years I am a certified spiritual director and I help people in all aspects of life no matter what the situation. I specialize in love , strength , happiness , breakups , relationships , family , helping people with their career , direction and spiritual healing . I do tarot card readings and we pick up on ur energy and we discuss what I see from there. My readings are positive based , honest , and 100% accurate!

Personal number 2554


Youve came across the Tiny Tarot! A Tarot Card Reader & Spiritual Healer here to help answer all your most confidential questions & help your concerns. In doing so, I hope to help you bring a bigger&brighter path of light into your life. Im here to help any problemed relationship as well as help you reconnect with your loved ones! Also, to help you get intune with your inner Orisha &working on meditating your Chakra that Lacks the most attention. My goal is to help Heal you from a distance

Personal number 8300