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Since I was a little girl, I could always remember feeling a special connection to the other side. My mama been a big influence and tells me the weather changes with my mood. I've always been able to feel the presence of "others", and they are able to "speak" to me from the other side. I can only say so much, I'm ready to put my skills to some good and actual use and help people. Come talk to me I really want to meet you. I really want to know you. More importantly I want you to know you.


I specialize in finding inner peace.This has been my passion for 10 years.I began reading astrology books when I was very young. I Assure you answers to all your questions.


My name is Alice I haven't always been a tarot reader but minutes that I received my first Rider Waite Tarot deck I have had exceptional left in my predictions I learned out of the gate the ins-and-outs of Tarot.. I'm just naturally good at it I come from a long line of people with gifts and I come from a long line of Shaman from the Cherokee Indian tribe my grandmother read tea leaves, my mother reads tarot, it's in our blood so let me help guide you on your path.


Ever since I was a child, I was gifted the ability to sense things others could not. I mainly work through dreams that allow me to see glimpses of what is to come.


Practicing for 10 years. I discover when I was in middle school. I use to help elders and other tell them what they wanna know

Personal number 7546


I was born a witch. Three answers to my questions and I will know the right direction to turn your road trip. It is often the result of a listening soul who will heal that painful moment in life or give you the tools in which you can do it yourself. What is bothering you and how can I help?


I have been in many relationships and I have learned something new from each former significant other. I can tell you one thing, relationships are not easy. There's a lot of stress you have to deal with but I am here to listen to your troubles and guide you to get back on track with your lover. I'm here to listen as well if everything's all good and you just want to let out all your excitement!;)I want you to think of me as a close friend to talk to