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I can see into the future, I can assist you with any problems in your life, I can speak to your lost family members and tell you what they are saying, I can pray for you heal you, help your struggle, I can give you daily guides, I can teach you about the spiritual world, I can council you and help you find your true self and meaning of who you are, I can show you what happens when you die

Personal number 5878


Hello my Beauties. I have been studying the Metaphysical world for approximately 20 years now. I was using my gifts before I now they were special. I and clairaudient. I use Tarot and pendulums in my practice. I live life every day to help others. I love helping people find answers and heal through their journey.


Hello everyone and thank you for connecting with me. I have been a medium and healer for 30 years and specialise in evidential mediumship, remote healing of both mind body including removing negative energy. I also apply the same module to clearing homes. I love helping people who feel that they are under psychic attack.

Personal number 2475


As a child I was often bullied and punished for my unique ability to read others and connect with their emotions on a spiritual level. Now I want to use my gift to connect with these energies to help and guide others.

Personal number 2879


Hi I am a natural born psychic of 24 years. My mother was also a psychic so I've inherited many of my talents from her. I specialize in Tarot cards and Angel cards. Feel free to ask me anything and I'll do my best to get the advice you need.

Personal number 5107


I Have Gifted Hands, I Love Helping People. I've Had Psychic,Abilities From A Young Age. Things Would Come To Me Then I Would See It. As I Got Older I Could Look At People And See In To Their Life And Things That Went On In Their Life At.That Point I New That I Had A Gift To Share With Others I Love My Gift And What I Can Do. At The Age Of 20 I Started Doing Readings For People And I've Been Going Ever Since I'm 34 Now .

Personal number 2106


I am very open to the alternate dimensions that like to bleed into ours and am not judgmental. I want to help you live your best life, and sometimes to do that we need outside guidance. I have studied Runes, meditational travels, healing, and Shamanism and would love a chance to use these tools to help you.

Personal number 3724


I am a naturally born psychic, who is gifted in all aspects of the Claire's and have been in-tuned to empathy and mediumship as well. I can provide you with answers, share with you a glimpse into your future, provide you with advice to your current problems and direct you on the right life path, as well as steps to obtain your goals and manifest your desired future.

Personal number 6727