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An ethical psychic reading can provide you with spiritual insight, clarity and direction. I am confident that my psychic readings by phone are just as clear and accurate as psychic readings done in person. Many new clients want to know how a psychic phone reading works: The first key concept is that when we agree to do a psychic reading, we are making an energetic decision to see the past, present and future outcome of a situation. Get your Spiritual psychic reading today!!

Personal number 6759


I've known I was different once childhood. During my late teens I finally figured out why visas so special when my grandma and her friends started asking me what I see and hear. They ultimately taught me the basics of how to communicate with my guides and the other side. For that I am forever greatful..

Personal number 7781


I've naturally always had my gifts, from spirit to reading energy. I put my 200 percent to give most accurate information possible. i take my gifts serious and I believe in my magic. i use two differnt decks and i do pendulum readings as well. namaste my friends

Personal number 6231


Bridging the connection with the Spirit world is something that is very special to me.Is there a special someone that you would like to connect with? Are you seeking clarity and direction about future goals and desires, life purpose, love, career, hidden talents, creativity, psychic ability, personality traits, past*present*catch a glimpse into the future and ways to fix the grey areas? I would love to be of service for you. xo, Ava

Personal number 0632


I am a clairvoyant. I see vision in my dreams, and have moments of divination. I read tarot cards and perform palm readings. I have a strong sense of intuition and would love to help you figure things out!

Personal number 7247


Im currently in school studying Neuroscience along with behavioral and cognitive sciences. I am outgoing, intelligent, ambitious, caring, confident, and funny. I believe in a positive attitude, good manners, treating others how you want to be treated and chivalry. I can be a tomboy in jeans during the day and then get glammed up for a night on the town. Hobbies include the outdoors (LOVE the mountains), hiking, yoga and going to concerts! x

Personal number 7834


I always seemed to know I had special abilities. I have always been in tune with my surroundings. I really started practicing about two years ago. That's when I really realized I could help others. My friends were so have with what I was able to tell them.

Personal number 4593


My name is Poppy and & I'm excited to use my gifts to help you advance in life life and relationships, especially those with your most intimate partners.

Personal number 4202