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Astrology defines who you are as a Individual.the stars have so much to tell you if you are willing to learn.That follows by love and relationships, if that's where your next question is let me help you get a better understanding

Personal number 5986


Do you need direction and a different perspective of your life right now? My psychic gifts have been present since young age. With time I t became comfortable with their presents and presence. I have trained with renowned psychic medium Kelvin Cruickshank and The cult hit TV show sensing murder. I have over 20 years experience. I had visions of a number of worldwide events. I look forward to our reading together.

Personal number 8290


When I was young I had this sense of when something might happen, as the years have gone on I have honed that and am to predict outcomes in advance. Not always the outcomes people want, but at least i can give fair warning good or bad. I have been using my ability for 40 years and working to improve others lives with it.

Personal number 5795


Hello my name is Avana and I love reading and connecting with people - it has always been a way of life for me. Using my selection of Angel Cards is the perfect way to connect to your celestial friends, asking the angels for guidance, wisdom and love throughout life. My aim is to help, heal and offer compassion in times of need. We will start your reading by selecting a deck of Angel Cards from my collection. I look forward to welcoming you with a positive energy and calming nature.

Personal number 5880


My name is Mesha and I am a young woman who loves art and adventure. I am here to help you get clarity on anything that's causing confusion and help you get into a positive mindset so you can attract what you want and get out of any unwanted energy. I will use tarot/oracle cards to clarify the energies. I am a Sagittarius sun, Leo moon. I will always give my best guidance and advice. I'm quick and straightforward and encourage others to take a leap of faith.

Personal number 5560


I'm new to this but I've been told I have a healing touch I enjoy helping and listening to others. I try to give the best advice or what I would do

Personal number 4085


I'm a third generational psychic with over 20 years of experience helping clients find their destiny. I'm an empath and clairvoyant, I can feel, see, and connect to your energy. I'm also an energy reader and an astrologist, I work with voice vibrations as well. I can tell you the thoughts, and what someone is feeling. Connect with me today.

Personal number 4006


I discovered these gifts at age of 6, I am now 28. I set my goals to master them all and I have done just that in a very precise manner. Though not all readings are always 100% your complete cooperation and trust is a prime tool needed to ensure you get the most accurate information possible. Please contact me and let me be your guide.