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I'm a natural born gifted psychic reader. I've been giving Readings for 30 years. I Specialize in love and Relationship finance & Family soulmate connections expert in Break up or make up want to know if he/she loves you I have all the answers to your wondering thoughts and what you Search for !!!

Personal number 0753


Hello, my name is amara. I am a 4th generation psychic I specialize in all areas of life. If you are looking for accurate and honest answers contact me today. I do not sugarcoat or give false advice I am open to what I see.

Personal number 4235


Hello, I believe we all have gifts that we are given and some choose to access them and some do not. I love to help people find their gifts, connect with their Angels / Guides, do Angel card readings for them, and connect with their deceased loved ones. I am a Clairaudient Medium.

Personal number 2200


Hi Im Jules I do love& WORK relationships questions Ive been doing this for 15 years now Im also relationship councillor which i can guild you on the right path in finding love or how to make your relationship work on the does donts to make better I have special gift that I can help your future Its always amazing how people are shocked once it has happened I`ll tell you about any affairs will there be marriage and getting back together call or message me tarotcard used if needed plz concentrate

Personal number 8098


I have been reading Tarot Cards for friends and family for 2 years now, I am a firm believer that Tarot Cards are a form of communication from your Inner Being and/or Spirit Guides and they show you what you are currently attracting with regards to a situation. If it is not what you want then you have the power to change your thoughts and feelings in order to alter the outcome. If you are unable to change the outcome, it is a lesson that must be learned for personal growth.

Personal number 0345


Hello Angels I'm here to help you connect with the answers you are looking for. I have been on this journey of spirit for over 15 years, practicing card readings, shamanic journeying and mediumship. I will work with you through the cards and clairvoyence to help you find your clearest path.

Personal number 7576


Hello, I felt I had I strong connection with spirits and emotional health since I was very young, but it intensified after my father's passing. For years I have helped friends and family with guidance in trying, emotionally turbulent times by offering a warm heart, a kind ear, and reasonable advice. I like to think of spirituality as a foggy window out of which one can almost see the truth just beyond the glass, lets explore together!

Personal number 8968


I am a empath which means I pick up on energies. My working are pendulum and tarot. For 4 years now I have been working the universe and eather.. Love Light and Healing is my mantra... Catering to all things next level, spiritual baths, cleanse, love, sweet jars. Peace and Harmony

Personal number 9465