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I have the gift of psychic ability. I can see your future, your past and your present as clearly as I see the change in weather. I have been working professionally as a Psychic for twelve years and have had many rave reviews.

Personal number 3730


Hello I'm tiara my psychic abilities are very accurate. I discovered my gift in my early teens. I'd be happy to answer all your questions.

Personal number 1722


My name is MoonAndLight. I was born England. I've only been practicing full time for 1 years. I love helping people with insight on love and relationship and tarot.


I was 4 when I started having prophetic dreams & connecting with spirits. I was 10 when I started leaving my body and not only traveling dimensions, but also to future and past events. I thought these things were normal and everyone experienced it. It wasnt until I was 17 that I started connecting with total strangers. At first I could only have & interpret precognitive dreams, visions, or feelings about my family or close friends, but as I got older I could with strangers as well.

Personal number 4195


Hi, My name is Angel and I'm a clairvoyant, a psychic, and an expert in tarot. I have been practicing my Psychic skills and my gifts in this area for many years now. I specialize in personal readings and tarot. I discovered my gifts while doing readings and tarot for friends and family!they have always been absolutely amazed at how accurate my readings turned out to be. I have always had a true gift in this area even since my childhood.

Personal number 6956


Hi I am lady Diamond and I have been predicting the future for 10 yrs. I want you to let me help you with Luck,Love,and Wealth. My Expertise skills are very powerful and I'm ready to help you succeed successfully through life.

Personal number 5078


My services as well as my experiences comes from a deeply rooted family heritage. From youth to early adulthood I tried to avoid these gifts. I must say it was as scary as it was exciting. I'm a Clairaudient able to hear what's not heard. I receive guidence from my spirit guides and I use tarot to clarify. I am also Clairsentience, and a empath, intuitively being able to sense energy. I look forward to helping and guiding you along your life path. To help heal the pains of heart break! Namesta!

Personal number 3875


I first noticed my abilities when I started using the tarot cards... I would always seem to get my friends readings right then it went to my family's and they were right it shocked me how I was so accurate on these readings that I kept on doing them for more experience and practice...im very intune with what i do for the fact that it helps people fill better and some it helps deal with their troubles...

Personal number 4253