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I have been in many relationships and I have learned something new from each former significant other. I can tell you one thing, relationships are not easy. There's a lot of stress you have to deal with but I am here to listen to your troubles and guide you to get back on track with your lover. I'm here to listen as well if everything's all good and you just want to let out all your excitement!;)I want you to think of me as a close friend to talk to


I've been in tune with the spirit from a young age. I am a natural empath and have been reading the cards for over a decade. I am able to give you empowering reading using both my natural abilities as a psychic and the message from the cards.


Was born with such strong feelings in what will come next. As a child I've wished things into existence. Even if we don't see something bright in your future, I've had success in talking things into existence with others. Full of knowledge of life...studied psychology as well as many spiritual principles regarding the universes plan.


I have been giving in-depth, non judgemental and insightful readings, using a variety of means, for many years. I use a variety of cards and psychic skills to gather information to help guide callers to get the best from their life situations. I work with my guides and the angelic realms to bring, forward information to help guide people to move forward in their lives.


Hi there! I'm Nebula , young free spirit with infinite & unconditional love to share with you. I'm a healer , I heal the mind by bringing clarity & compassion. I offer guided meditation that allow emotions to move inside of you. Call me for a total release.XO


I've always known I had psychic abilities since I was little, over the years I have been able to fine tune them and find a lot of the time that I will just know things without trying but when I focus my energy on things my results have been amazing


The word "psychic" relevant to me describes entirely natural, inherent instincts that i experience daily Intuitive or psychic information automatically manifests in my everyday life i have spiritual experiences glimpses, nudges other than the earthly, third-dimensional reality of your intellectual mind and the perceptive senses of the physical body. Messages from Spirit are intermittent Do you wish you had a way to invoke spiritual information that is consistent and reliable?


I've learned much about astrology for years. I'm always looking for answers for myself and others in the stars.