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I figured out i was psychic in the 5th grad when i had a vision that my brother would get into a fight at school with his friend. I tried to warn my brother that him & his friend were going to end up fighting but my brother didn't believe me. The next day my brother & his friend had fought & got suspended from school.

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I mainly use Tarot and Oracle cards when reading for others. I also use a pendulum, runes, tea readings, scrying, and palmistry to name a few. born with what seems to be one foot in the spirit world I have always been able to sense and often times see spirits around me.I communicate openly with my guides and I am very skilled at picking up spirits in homes. My purpose for taking this path in life is to help others in any way I can. I look forward to speaking with you.

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I have been practicing these arts for 15 years. I enjoy reading Tarot the most and my preferred deck is the DaVinci Enigma Deck. These readings can be very in depth and often have several layers.

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I am an empath and tarot reader with the ability to council spiritually. I like to work with crystals and different cards depending on what I feel drawn to. My favourites are Wicca, Angel and the Sacred Rebel Oracle. I stared to work with cards and do readings a good number of years ago, and since then I now work closely with a few decks that I feel drawn to. I find that working with crystals enhances the connection.

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I can read your future, I can give you two options for your near future , only two paths are possible to see.

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I have always had a natural affinity for Tarot and have been practicing the art for 5+ years. I am accurate and will do everything in my power to show you the way.

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It's been about a year that I have been helping people with my gifts. I never went in for any practices or took any courses, it just came naturally. Growing up through the years I nevertheless understood why people came to speak with me instead of others. Especially at ages where I was very young I learned very early about things through helping guide others through their situation(s). I've helped many, I hope I can help you too.

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I am fun loving outgoing bubbly person who is non judgemental towards others I believe anything can happen

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