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From Washington DC, very experienced and down to earth, I've always been the one to take advice from while taking my own. I can help you solve your problems & ease whatever life has to bring to you.


(Over 10 years experience specializing in love and relationships) Growing up a clairvoyant and a small town in Maryland was always a struggle being a young woman and being able to understand someone's emotions and current problems they were facing always left people scares and distant fortunately enough my great grandmother Kate lead and guide me to develop my abilities and to help people professionally it's been my sworn vow to God to always help and protect people


I have been practicing for 3 years. I've known I had abilities since I was very young I get it from my mom. I have been able to see the future in my dreams since I was 3.


I am Sacred, 5th Generation Accurate, Trusting, Claircognizant, Clairvoyant, Psychic that works with my Ancestors for spiritual guidance. I've been reading Tarot cards, Oracle Cards, and using Pendulums for over 20 years. My expertise is in Relationships, Love, Money, Life Purpose and Ruitals. I'm here to help you on your journey to happiness. All welcome! No Judgment Zone.


Nobody really knows what love is. Let me teach you, guide you, and help you achieve it. I'm dedicated to creating a connection in order to give accurate advice and help you work your way through the unending maze of love.


I have been a practicing pendulum user for 3 years now, and a card reader for the past year. I am always able to reach an angel or guiding spirit and always able to get an answer. What is it that you need to know? Talk to me, and I will help you find the answers you seek.


Hi, I'm Nikki. Let my 15+ years of experience guide you on your path of love and all it's curiosities along the way. I have a gift for seeing things the way they are. I can give you educated advice based on my gift or can simply tell you what I foresee in your journey of love and relationships and in turn, hopefully give you enough insight to make healthy choices for yourself.


I'm psychic medium Jami. I had unexplainable experiences as a child. That led to learning about my gift at an early age. My sole purpose is using that gift to help individuals. Whether something from your past, in the present, or the future- I will provide the best help and most accurate readings.