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Natural earth angel of the incarnated angel type. Empath, healer, clairvoyant, I can guide you, advise you in matters of love and life. Letting me in will allow me to know your true feelings. Through discussion I will connect to you and be able to help you.

Personal number 7487


Use the opportunity to receive a knowledgeable and professional clairvoyance session with me as your psychic reader. I work with respect, and always provides a serious clairvoyance counseling with coaching tools, that fits in with the customer's needs and situation. I have more than 20 years experience as an spiritual advisor and therapist. I guarantee a professional spiritual advice with tools, so you can be able to use in relation to your challenges. I welcome you with clear message. Romina

Personal number 1468


Hi I am Kadi. I have been a Tarot reader for more than 20 years. I am passionate about my readings for every person. I am also bless with gifts that go beyond the ability to focus on card readings. I receive messages from corporal and non corporal energies. I am a healer by birth.

Personal number 5918


From a long line of gifted women who possessed the sight. I am here to help you in matters of love, business, and career. My tools include tarot cards, angel cards, runes, and pendulum. I am also a certified life coach so I can help you not only through my gift of sight, but together we can make a plan to achieve your best future. Your future is waiting for you! What are you waiting for?

Personal number 6788


I started when I was a young girl, I've met some fantastic people over the years that also use tarot cards. I use to go to someone who would read my cards to me and that's when a spark hit me. I knew I needed to practice more on reading and fully understanding their potential. I can see the future.

Personal number 7667


Personal number 1515


My mother was born with a Veil. And was a psychic, medium, tarot card reader, and Astrologer. I managed her ever since I was 16. I was taught to use my gifts at the age of 10. Since her passing I connect with her and other spiritual beings that have transformed from this plane. I am here to help you connect with your love ones. I am here to share my gifts. I promote positive energy and love. I am 99.5% accurate with my numerology techniques.

Personal number 4977


Hi it's Elle... I am a spiritual being in-tune with the universe. I have practiced manifestation myself for many years and this has allowed me to connect to the different energies of others on a much deeper level. I enjoy speaking with others, making sense of their star sign and looking at how we can connect with our spirit guides to find answers to love & relationships. Let's connect and use tarot and angel cards to assist this process.

Personal number 1716