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Let me bring you the truth with warmth and kindness. I can bring you clarity and peace in your relationships while also knowing what the other person is thinking or feeling.

Personal number 9303


I discovered my psychic abilities as a small child and have been using them to help others all of my adult life. I will always give you an honest reading to help guide your path and lead you towards peace. All readings are done with an open mind and an open heart, I ask that you focus on positive energies and the core to your questions when reaching out for a reading.

Personal number 7522


The psychic abilities that I possess have been passed down to me at birth. It is one of my senses, just like the ability to taste.Throughout my life many incidents have occurred to support my ability, and being able to use it to help others has been the reason I was drawn to use as a career choice

Personal number


Hello, My name is Maria. I have been doing Tarot and Rune readings for myself and friends for over 20 years. I have found that over the years it has been helpful for me to turn to the oracle of the Tarot or Rune stones when I have found myself to be at a crossroads. We all have the answers inside us already, sometimes just need a little guidance to find it. I look forward to doing a reading for you and helping you on your journey.

Personal number 2186


I have been practicing as a psychic and healer over 25 years, starting to refine my ability with tarot cards as a young teen. During those years I also found my natural cosmic healing ability and would be happy to guide you in cleansing your aura and removing toxic energy as well as consult with you psychically on readings and tapping into your spirit guides. If you have a session with me you may experience increased positivity, certainty, and invigoration.

Personal number 2762


I am a clairvoyant psychic with 20 years experience. I offer Accurate answers details and solutions. Spy Psychic will reveal all. I specialize in matters of love and the heart and everyday problems that we face in life. Are you feeling lost or confused? Do you want to know if he or she will call and if you have a second chance? Do you want to know if he or she will commit? Do you want to know if you are wasting your time. contact me for details

Personal number 3502


clairsentient empath life coach Tired of being told only what you want to hear and hearing false predictions?my main goal is to spread love and light. I can provide guidance in love and relationships, get to the bottom of how the other person feels about you, or if they're directing their energy towards someone else. I also practice in chakra healing, and holistic healing.

Personal number 8825


Let me tell you what I see coming in your future. A lover of the spirits and stones, I am very skilled at helping you find out what the universe has laid ahead for you. Have been reading futures for over five years now and my powers are only getting stronger. Need help within your Love relationship or a friendship? Let my mind help you help yours.

Personal number 7717