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Hello, I am an empath with clairaudient and clairsistient abilities. I became aware of my abilities from the age of five. Over the past ten years I have become expertise with reading tarot cards and giving detailed, accurate and meaningful readings for many clients. I particularly specialise in love a different relationships, though general readings are welcome. I am a deeply intuitive and compassionate reader, but will not mislead you or give you false hope. Love and Light!

Personal number 5504



Ask me about your most personal questions: -Unblock what's keeping you from where you want to go -Reveal possibilities you never knew existed -Clarify issues about a relationship -Consult with me about career opportunities Life is full of decisions-some big; others small. Wouldn't it be great to know the outcome of each decision you have to make? I have helped our clients make some big life path decisions. I can help you too!

Personal number 9942


I am a professional astrologer whom could to predict the near future. Eespecialy on the love subjects. Does your sexual partner cheats on you? With whom? How often? I have the answers.

Personal number 3813


I have been a psychic reader and advisor for over 10yrs, overtime with studying and learning my gifts I am able to pick up off your energy and the energy around you to let you know how some is thinking/feeling about you. I specialize in love life and relationships but can advise on all matters of life! I am a very honest, intuitive and compassionate reader. With whimsical whispers from my spirit guide I can help lead you down the right path and let you know what the universe has in store for you

Personal number 7438


I possess the ability to see the obvious and not so obvious. I am very spiritual. I get my gift from within and also above. I specialize in relationships, Love, Guidance and any insight you would like know. Let me guide you.

Personal number 7892


Get True Answers From a Psychic Point Of View With ACCURATE DETAILED PREDICTIONS. I am non-judgmental and do not sugarcoat i tell you what you need to know not what you want to hear. I will provide direct answers to your most important questions no matter the circumstance. through my spirit guide & psychic abilities I'm able to tap into the spirit realm guideing you to the next chapter of your present & FUTURE!

Personal number 0084


tarot reader specializing in love & relationships. The cards never lie so if you get news it could be for now or the future.Let me see what the cards hold for you.