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Hello to all! My name is Susie and I am so glad you're here with me today. I have long known what I possess and cannot wait to connect with those who crave a view into the minds and lives of those around you.

Personal number 2803


I've been practicing with my abilities since a young woman, my mom taught me and continues to teach me to this day. I discovered my abilities at a young age, I continue to practice more and get even stronger! I am clairvoyant, clairsentient and work with spirit guides!

Personal number 1858


Natural born empath who is Intuned with others energies. I can guide you to a great love life or thriving career.

Personal number 0792


I have been connected to the forces of nature and beyond ever since I was young. I would see the unseen and and hear the voices of the spirits and energies that exist side by side with our world. I once connected a client with her brother who had passed recently and gave her clarity that he loved her and could move on. I am passionate about using my psychic abilities to better the world.

Personal number 7121


I am a fifth generation psychic and crystal healer. I have worked with shamans and Egyptian sekhems and have been attuned to reiki master level. I have always been blessed with premonition and the ability to connected to the higher soul of those around me. I can speak to you, in confidence, about love, relationships, family and work. Together we can connect with lost souls and transmit messages. Ask and you shall know.

Personal number 6142


Welcome to your safe space! I am a dreamsyate clairvoyant. I meditate listen and sometimes pull cards. I can help you identify what may happen in your future. I say may because, nothing is stone unless you decide to continue the path your on. If so, guaranteed certain situations can unfold. You here most likely are looking for guidance and im here to help. By identifying your path we can work to where you want to be. Its really quite interesting!

Personal number 5142


Everyone around MysticEgypt understood that she talked with dear loved ones that have passed on at a very young age, Egypt talked about events and people that existed hundreds of years before she was born. By the time Egypt was 7, she had the ability to provide in depth readings. Egypt will focus on your relationships, love, passed over loved ones, careers, paranormal experiences, near-death experiences and many other areas. She can give you insight on what lies ahead.


Hello beautiful souls, Welcome! I am a super empathic-intuitive, clairvoyant, clairaudient, clair-sentient. I have the ability to connect with your guides, angel's, and spirit team to get the answers and guidance that you seek. I am grateful to assist you on the twists and turns through this journey of life. Sometimes guidance from the BEYOND is just what is needed to help you move forward!