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Yes, that's my real name! I come from 5 generations of women who share my psychic gift. I have been practicing for a little over 9 years. My gift has helped many people to heal, find love, success, and so much more. My passion is to help people reach the answers that mean the most to them


Hi love I'm Ravenbabe. I've been specializing in astrology for 8 years. I have individually studied every single zodiac sign and the unique links that they have to our sun, moon, and other planets. Let me tell you your destiny (;


Hello, my name is Frankie and being new to all of this I figured I'd help in the best way possible. Any questions just ask I'll be happy to answers any :)


Tarot readings that go beyond just predictions: get advice & insight that heals. I am a clairsentient empath and have been all my life. I am different from most readers. I have always been curious about the occult, including astrology, tarot, numerology, crystals & chakras. My method combines these different aspects to give in-depth sessions that will literally change your mind, body and soul. So, what are you waiting on? Let's take charge of your fate.


I am a very well enlightened Master Psychic with very powerful Spirit Guides. I have been a Psychic for more than 35 years. I have since gone on to help others throughout the country doing endless readings by way of the internet, online platforms, psychic trade shows and more. I don't rely on any tools only my Spirit Guides and my own abilities. With this you will receive the clarity that you are seeking and leave with your mind at ease. It will be my pleasure to guide you.



Hello & welcome to my profile! I have been a psychic for several years now, and I love helping people dive deeper into themselves through tarot, astrology, and other spiritual practices. I can help if you have a specific need or questions, or if you're just looking for general guidance. I'm friendly and nonjudgmental - none of your problems, questions, or dilemmas will surprise or shock me. Looking forward to getting to know you!


Greetings and blessings, I am Esta and I guarantee I can help you with anything you are feeling stuck on. I specialize in tarot readings- where I relay the messages from my spirit guides to you. I must warn you that I do not sugar coat things, I say them as my spirit guides tell me, so if you want the honest truth- then I'm your person. I specialize in love/ relationships, career/finance, and any other areas of your life you may need answers to!