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Psychicgal has been developing her abilities for the past eighteen years through the practice of Reiki and other eastern practices. Her clients have known her to be surprisingly accurate. I recall one of the first readings she had ever done. It was put on her heart to tell this woman that even though she was wheelchair bound and told she would never walk, that she would and did in six months.

Personal number 5361


Who doesn't like tarot and stars? Of course I do and I've loved to read about it since I was little so they became some of my favourite topics!

Personal number 1059


I have been using tarot cards for many years. As well as this from a young age I have felt psychic powers which I have practiced many times and been known to be very accurate.

Personal number 2046


I specialize in love, future and astrology. I have always helped those around me and have decided to reach out to help even more people.

Personal number 1758


If you need guidance, an insight to your current situation, then I can help you with Angel Cards reading. I speacilse in helping clients make the right decisions, in love, career, to keep you going in the right direction.

Personal number 1984


Bueno, I am NayeliRose your spiritual love guide and guardian angel. I will take you on a journey in which you will find yourself and love yourself in every way. I will help you discover the inner beauty you do not see in yourself. Talking with me will be the highlight in your life.

Personal number 7847


Hi there I'm Sam I have always been a empath and have always found myself attuned to what people are going through and how they feel, I was always a carer and a nurturing person in my past careers , it is what always drove me. I have been practicing tarot for the past six years to guide me and the people i read for a more fined tuned approach to what is going on and how to guide .

Personal number 5411


Through her intuitive photo readings, Mystic V channels into your energy field and can read visions of your past, present and future and harnesses these revelations into accurate and in-depth readings that answer your greatest questions. If there's something on your mind a persistent question, a personal dilemma, a decision to be made you can seek answers, direction, and inspiration from a uniquely personal psychic reading. Do you need a second opinion on your partner?