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I am a holistic healer and spirtual counsellor. I am 4th generation of intuitive and practicing magic women receiving messages for people. I won't force it if I don't feel it and draw my influences from astrological lines, numerology, energy readings and use of cards.


I grew up watching my grandmother practice. I grew a love for it ever since. I've been practice for 5 years now since her passing.


I am an all round medium. Experienced in coaching & advice. My experience covers the specialties mentioned & Talk therapy. Clear hearing, guidance & protection are my focus. I am an empath. I am versed in business as well. I also have extensive experience in dealing with Narcissists & hypocrites. Also,I have assisted in Addiction Recovery.Helping addicts withdraw and recover from Fentanyl addiction,sex addiction and Eating disorders. Believe in yourself,Self-restoration & Holistic healing.


My psychic abilities run through my blood, generation after generation, my family has sought to guide spirits who are in need. I know I can help those who need it.


Hi, I am Psychic Kaliopi. I've been sharing my gift for over 35 years. I've solved crimes, located missing persons, put relationships back together and helped others build new lives by helping them find the right path. I am here for you, too. I am available till 9 pm est., 7 days a week. I will never let you down. If you need help, I am here. May God bless and keep you.


Hello, I am an expert on relationship advice and astrology! I am here to help coach you with your most desired questions, about your personal love life, friendships and astrology needs! Thank You!


I have been doing readings for over twenty years. I. Well versed in tarot, astrology and mediumship. Additionally, I also work with energy and have a gift for healing through words.


I find myself helping others with this special gift of mine. I ultimately chose to use my abilities to help others for i have always been gifted with the ability to foresee into a person's relationship. Feeling others pain and happiness has always been a trigger for me as it comes with the slightest emotion I may feel from a person.