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I have practiced in the magickal arts since I was a child. This ability has been passed down through the lineage of my family since before Salem. I consider myself to be a member of a long line of mediums and witches who have always been successful.

Personal number 4885


I discovered my psychic abilities at a very young age, realising I was able to connect and heal the world around me when I chose to tap into my third eye. I dabble in dynamic astrology, using your birth chart (and your lovers if relationships are what you choose to discuss) to find out current personal problems and past experiences we can work on to better your future through personal healing and growth. Let me help you better you through the wonders of my work.


Sometimes we get lost in the forest of life and no matter what way you look you can not find the path. Take my hand I will lead you to the path and I will walk with you. Together we will find answers to all your questions. I am a Celtic Druid and I will make contact with my many guides on the other side to help us on our journey.


Let me help you find answers to your questions and gain clarity on situations which you find yourself coping with. I offer readings with the help of my guides using either Tarot or Oracle cards. I am offer healing if you are in need so please contact me and share your problems I will be only to happy to connect with you, to send some much needed healing energy & love your way. Blessings x


I have been doing this for almost 3 years now! I specialize in live and romance, want to know when you'll find your next partner, or if you e already found your soulmate? I can give you the answers you seem and a bit of advice to help you get that special one!

Personal number 3770


I specialise using Native American tarot cards to help with my spiritual readings and advice. I have been doing this for a number of years now, it started off as only for close friends and family, but I enjoy helping people at difficult cross roads in their life. I have had psychic ability since I was a little girl. I am very sensitive to emotions and auras and specialise in this area also. Astrology has and always will be a big love of mine, I am very knowledgeable in this area.


I've been a professional psychic for 25 years my specialty is love and relationships I'm here to help with past present and future I am very empathic I can pick up on your energy into energy of your loved ones


Wondering where life is taking you? Need a shoulder to rest your weary head? Let me be the one to comfort you, show you the path. All you need to do is ask, I will have the answer. I have been a Psychic since I was a child, leading and guiding others to their destiny and path of contentment for 30years.