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My name is Mystic Tara an intuitive empath psychic. Sorry im not accepting any messages at this time, however you can Book A Reading with me after 2pm EST or after 7pm UK time I will be available.You can also call me on my personal number at 0610 if you would like a reading with me when I'm available.

Personal number 0610


Hello,and welcome to my profile! My name is TheMysticAngel. I am a natural clairsentience. I can pick up feelings and vibrations surrounding you. I use tarot as my main method to read into your life,giving clear and accurate messages. I have been reading for the public for around 7 years. I completely understand that every reading is important to the client and very personal. I enjoy being able to give people clear insight on personal situations,love,relationships and jobs. Thank you!

Personal number 3437


I have been working in the Psychic Industry for the past 23 years.I work free hand which means only using my gift and I can also bring in the Tarot and Playing cards to get more information for you.I am a very dedicated Psychic and always believe in my clients leaving my readings feeling very positive about their future and more in control.I always like to give very down to earth,compassionate and direct readings with no frills or fancy words

Personal number 2284


I have 5 years of experience as psychic reader and my psychic gifts came to me as teenager. In addition, my gifts covers the realms of romance,sex,careers, financial, and lucid dreaming.Currently, my gifts included seashell, tea leaf, wine,and chocolate readings. Plus, I am quite skilled as the premier Vampire tarot reader. Plus, I am one of the few North American Bacchante and my spirit guide is Roman God of wine, Bacchus.

Personal number 0119


Life is a beautiful journey full of love and happy moments. Sometimes though, it seems something blocks our path. It can seem like nothing ever goes our way, or we may feel like we will never be happy again. IT doesn't have to be that way. I'm Daisy Rain. I am an intuitive empath that can help you discover what's blocking your path so you can face it, understand it, and continue on the beautiful path you deserve to be on.

Personal number 7180


I have been practicing since I was around 10-11 where I initially experienced my clairvoyance and ability to channel the past, present and future. I am straightforward,accurate and direct. With the help of spirit guides and my strong intuition, can provide with a clear concise answer to your burning questions. I am loving, empathic and possess emotional strength to recieve messages and process them as clearly as possible for you. I speak very good and clear english.

Personal number 7882


Im a lady with a difference believe me & I want to share that all with you.I have had the blessings of miracles,healings in so many situations,answered prayers.Im blessed with being very psychic & this has been with me for years.I use tarot,angel cards,colour therapies but most powerfully my own spiritual guide.My Auntie was a famous medium & spiritualist so its in my family.My aim is to give you answers in any area,find peace,joy,love,light,blessings,laughter,happiness.Nothing is impossible.XX

Personal number 1697


You got questions? -I got answers! Will teach you how to make things happen! Gifted astrologist/psychic will share her powerful knowledge with you and help you to overcome your fears and uncertainty on the way to the bright future.. Love and relationship Adviser Experienced Psychologist with insights on power of matrix.. -Madame Marie

Personal number 1728