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Allow me to help you find what you are seeking as I've personally engaged in and out of meaningful to casual relationships leaning to first understand what it means to have a healthy relationship with yourself first and continue to learn as much as you can about how your upbringing, environment and culture plays a MAJOR role in who we attract in our lives.

Personal number 2495


From a very young age I was very sensitive to supernatural powers and non physical influences. I can analyze things according to circumstances and i have a powerful origin of spirituality. I influenced by mysterious and extraordinary sensitivity. I am from history of psychics and this is over 4th generation. As the time goes i developing my psychic senses and medium. I helped many people with my gifted divining solutions. I can use various techniques and aspects to guide you.

Personal number 9754


I have been a psychic for 10 years. I first learned that I was a psychic and I had these abilities at the age of 5 years old .I call it a gift from the higher power this is my personal gift that I am dedicating an honored to share with you .Take a chance with me to see and confirm the true star you really are thank you.

Personal number 2612


Being a spiritual guide is second nature to me. I learned at a early age that I was different from other people when I started having visions of events that were in the future and being able to sense other people's emotions and thoughts. I have been a spiritual guide for ten years.

Personal number 0874


I am a heyoka empath who uses several decks to tap into energy. I'm really good at picking up on soul ties, twin flames and karmic relationships. I love astrology, use crystals daily and have a daily meditation practice. I love to teach the very tools I use to my clients. I teach them how to use sage and candle magic for their bodies and homes and teach them how to remove cords as well. I really believe in empowering my clients so they can help themselves in those moments I'm not around.

Personal number 4439


I have been psychic my whole life and even remember having vivid dreams that would come true when I was around 6 or 7 years old. I love tarot cards and prefer to use them in my readings although I tend to go with my own natural ability and feelings as well. I enjoy helping people and I am a natural problem solver. My speciality is love and romance so if you have any questions for me then send me a message or give me a call. Love and Light Gillian xxx


Hi I'm Lady Teri, I specialize in Love Connections, Relationships, and answering any questions that you may have from a clairvoyants perspective. I'd love to chat with you and help you on your life journey. I'm able to listen intently and help you decipher which path to take as well as advise on the path you should take

Personal number 2638


I grew up in a family of wiccas so my grandmas side of the family is technically witches and they all have different senses. Same with me

Personal number 9642