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Hi there My name is AmethystMoon and I'm here to help and guide you in times of trouble. Here to help, empathize and sympathize. Here to find you a way forward when you can't always see the way yourself. Come connect with me today and let's start your journey


I am offering my support, love and advice to all. I am here for you and we will get everything figured out for you. Message me and lets get to work.


I'm very good at love and relationship readings & astrology. I first started dabbling in it when I was a young woman . Since then, I've become more intrigued with what I'm able to do & having been practicing these readings for 5 almost 6 years now.

Personal number 1043


I have the ability to help find true love money and peace .help with lost soles who need help getting to their resting place

Personal number 7160


I'm a practising psychic/medium. I have been assisting others in healing emotional trauma and reconnecting with loved ones for 15 years. I can also speak with living, as well as deceased, pets to help owners heal and understand their pets better.

Personal number 5605


I've always been a very spiritual person. When I was around 14 I started going to psychic events. I've always been very drawn to crystals. I own many crystals. I started by doing pendulum readings a few years ago, and that's how I found out I had the ability to be psychic. I use my pendulum, the crystal tarot, angel cards and my very high intuition to do my readings.


Welcome. I'm an empathic and honest clairvoyant who uses tarot cards to receive a clear insight in to the situation while using my intuitive abilities to connect with the energies around you. I will tell you exactly what I see, as my goal is to guide you on the right direction.


I have been practicing for about 4 years. I am an expert in various answers. I will tell you everything you want to know and hear. I discovered my abilities when conversing with a friend. You don't really believe things until they happen right. Let me change your life and give you life. What are you waiting for?

Personal number 8840