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My skills and insights into relationships, romantic or otherwise, have long astonished my family and friends. It took a really long time to admit that I had a supernatural ability that allows me to connect to others on a deeper level. I don't want to waste my gifts and so I'm here to help. I'm available for readings about all kinds of relationships and look forward to opening up a world of possibilities for you.


I'm an empathetic, intuitive, psychic advisor, teacher and author. I have many divination tools that I can choose from. My specialties are geomancy, tarot and trance channeling.


In tune with Source and grateful for the gifts bestowed upon me. I share these gifts with you for the betterment of our hearts. Connect with me if you want to successfully navigate your way through this existence. Resolve the issues you may have relating to love and relationships, finances, family and all else in between with confidence that you are travelling along the right path. In my tool bag I have light, love, cards, crystals and a strong connection to source. Lets journey!


I knew I was different at a young age wasn't sure exactly until I was a little older. I know and understand everything happens for a reason. I see things in my life happening before they do and I am able to stop them if that makes sense. I have been helping people for years but started reading cards a couple years ago. Reading cards is my passion and I want to use my passion to help souls like mine. Life is all about figuring it all out, then we realize we just have to figure some more.


I've been practicing for about 2-3 years. It's something I really enjoy doing. I love helping people and want to know that what I'm doing is positively impacting them and making them happy not only with my ability but happy with the information as well.



Practiced in the esoteric arts & ready to help you claim your path in love, life & destiny. Call me for all your answers from the stars & beyond.


I am recently discovering my psychic cabalities after learning my sister has been psychic for many years now and opened up about her experiences. I tend to specialize in love/romance, health and careers. My current passion is reading psychology books to further explain the human nature while combining it with premonitions.