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Welcome. I'm an empathic and honest clairvoyant who uses tarot cards to receive a clear insight in to the situation while using my intuitive abilities to connect with the energies around you. I will tell you exactly what I see, as my goal is to guide you on the right direction.


I have been practicing for about 4 years. I am an expert in various answers. I will tell you everything you want to know and hear. I discovered my abilities when conversing with a friend. You don't really believe things until they happen right. Let me change your life and give you life. What are you waiting for?

Personal number 8840


Merry Meet! If you need more insights or healing in your life please let my gift be of service. I am an experienced Tarot and Oracle Reader and offer a wide range of spreads and methods. I offer spiritual, religious, and magick advice. This is my life purpose and I spend my time advancing and furthering my knowledge and gifts. I am Initiated and practice Gri-Gri. As a Lightworker/Empath I am a natural healer and Spiritual Advisor.


My name is kay I do tarot reading, I enjoy helping others far as their relationship and or financial abilities. If you would like a reading feel free to contact me.


I'm here to give you love and relationship advice, I've had ten years of experience of seeing into the future

Personal number 5195


Pythia is a Psychic with an amazing natural gift, who has been helping her clients on a professional level for over 20 years. Pythia began her spiritual path at a very young age and has since put her full attention into her gift, which enables her to give each one of her clients, the guidance and answers that they seek. Pythia natural flair combined with her passion, allows her to introduce a more relaxed, compassionate consultation with an element of humor mixed in.


Since I was a young girl I knew I had a special gift. I could always see and hear things that everyone else couldn't. A few years ago I picked up some tarot cards and did a little research on them, spoke to a friend of mine who is a medium and she led me to a local tarot reader. She was amazing and showed me a few things like how to become one with your cards and how to let the cards tell the story. The cards are never wrong and I love it, the celtic cross spread proves what the cards know.

Personal number 8318


I was born with the ability to see. Not necessarily with my eyes, but with my soul. I have a wonderful sense of discernment and judgment. I know you. You just don't know that yet ;)

Personal number 8381