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Hello! I'm a psychic Empath who specialises in Tarot reading. I am in-tune with your emotions, so I know exactly how you are feeling. I specialise in Love and Relationships, and I am here for you even if you just want to talk or you need a shoulder to cry on. I am warm, friendly and very approachable. Ask me a question and I will see what the cards have in store for you! Speak to you soon! x


All the women in my family have special gifts. Some of us have the gift of compassion and empathy. Some can feel pain and illness, transfer it and actually cure people. My great great grandfather was called "Doc" for this reason. My mother could tell when someone in the family was ill or had an accident. She had the ability to find things that were missing and I can also do this. My daughter seems to have gifts as well. I often see spirits if they want to be seen.


I have a gift of giving excellent advise regarding the direction of your relationship. This information is formed off past and current actions as well as a bit of astrology to give you an idea of where your relationship will go.


Hello my name is Jewels. I will help you in interpreting the meaning of your tarot card reading. I have 20+ years experience with the tarot and look forward to helping you understand what your reading means for you.. Past Present and Future meanings to give you better insight to the meaning of your lifes questions! Sample questions: Should I take that new job? Should I dump my current love? Where is my life going? Is my current lover cheating? When will I make it rich?


I'm a very intuitive person, some like to call me the female Nostradamus. I don't mind being compared to such a great prophet. Here to give guidance to those that need it.


I have a clear connection with the other side. I have always used my abilities to help other people connect and find guidance. Call me for quick, honest angel card readings or questions for your guides. I combine the rational with the intuitive to help guide you towards your life goals. We can solve your problems together!


Hi there. I am Eva and I have been able to read people since I was a little girl. I can see the path in which you are Destin to have. If you don't like that path, I will give you ways to change that path to the life you so much want and deserve.


My whole life I have had a gift. I will surprise you with my mystical skills and precise intuition. I'm unique.