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I have always had a keen interest in star signs, but recently I have gotten exceptionally good at knowing what star sign somebody is

Personal number 0920


I feel your deepest desires and future findings in the most open part of my soul. Let me put your mind at ease. Stop dwelling on that past lover, or questioning your mindset. Leave it to the stars and me. I have been in tune since my feet touched soil. It is not to fair to harbor, but share the gift of the pull our universe has on my energy.


I can remember as a little girl just "knowing" what someone would do or say, or who would show up unannounced. As I got older my friend's were always a little freaked out that I could sense something was going to happen, whether it be a new job, an "unexpected" visit, a romance, sometimes even the next song on the radio! Sometimes it was a big revelation, other times just a small one. This happens on a daily basis!

Personal number 3580


I give readings and Spritual workings. I specialize in Hoodoo and Rootwork readings. Water and Playing Card readings and Numerology readings(Southern Rootwork) I also specialize in recommending and performing Spritual work for love money and removing evil and return to sender... With out a reading. No Left Hand Work done at this time! Special prayers for better Health! Call and Change your life!

Personal number 0562


Have had natural Psychic abilities and intuition since I was a child and I have a strong desire to make a difference in peoples lives - that's the Empath in me!! I wish to help others find answers and direction in life.


I am a clairvoyant psychic reader I realized I was gifted at a very young age. I have strengthened my gift through meditation I specialize in love and relationships. I directly contact your Spirit guides, to receive the answers your heart is searching for. I can give you clarity, strength, and independence. I do not sugarcoat! I am a very honest and detailed psychic reader. I take my work very seriously. Please connect with an open heart and open mind, be prepared to hear the truth,