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Hello, my name is Cami. I am a Wiccan and I'm amazing. I specialize in spirit work. Other than tarot, I also use pendulum and runes.


Do you have a question you really need answering , Lets ask the cards and they shall tell. Having done tarot readings for friends and family for various years I�??ve now decided to reach out to others to give them comfort and honest readings.



I'm gifted with knowing the beyond and further I'm gifted in reading people I work with zodiac signs and definitely can tell what's going on. I'm a spell worker and a premonition reader.


ask me questions and i shall answer you.... my name is Jailene and I am here to help im anything you wish and desire..


I come from a long line of psychics, my family have shared this gift through generations. I myself have had numerous dreams and visions of things that have come to pass. I'm still on a journey to perfect my gift. But I'm an expert in tarot card readings and fortune telling. I take what I do with the upmost seriousness. Tarot cards can be the looking glass into the future and can hold the answer to the very questions one might ask.


Hi I have over 20 years of life reading angel and tarort cards in any spread past lifes included I'm claravoiant empathic a medium and very wise please feel free to come chat with me I'm nonjudgemental also ty I'm also a natural born healer with rekie 3 master level and tidbit black crystal healing and also 13 extended masters all to help me with my healings


I knew I had a gift from the time I was very young, around 6th grade. When I would try to talk about the things I would perceive and knew to be true, I would either be ignored or told I was weird. But now that I have grown into my abilities I am able to help others and really embrace my gift.