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I have studied astrology for years I'm very intune with the stars i can read energies & I am also a love doctor I have restored several relationships and marriages most couples just lack communication but I can help with that.

Personal number 3539


I have been doing psycic readings for about two years. i know that doesnt seem long, but i have learned from the best and as long as you are honest and truthful i can give you an accurate reading.

Personal number 6559


I specialize in being able to tell you what your dreams mean and how your choices have an significant meaning to what the future will hold for you.

Personal number 7062


Greetings I am an intuitive Tarot Reader. I have the gift of healing and I also use the pendulum for yes no questions. I don't do health related questions nor am I a medium however if a message from a loved one comes thru I will deliver that message. I specialize in love and relationship and also money and career. Please feel free to reach out to me and I look forward to reading you

Personal number 7926


I was 7 years old. I remember growing up all my friends playing with Etch-A-Sketch's, Barbie Dollswhile I was playing with tarot cards. Once my mom had discovered I had a gift, she helped with my training using tools new-age and ancient. By the time I was 9 I had given my first reading to a complete stranger simply because something from within me told me to! Ive made numerous public appearances for seminars, specials, group events, *I've even read for everyone the New York Mets baseball team!

Personal number 2464


Here to help you navigate the uncertainties of life with my knowledge acquired through interpretation of dreams. I can guide you through all your troubles to ensure you land on your feet. You will find no one that is more equipped than me too assist you on your spiritual journey.


Hello there! I practice cartomancy (tarot cards) and astrogalomancy (dice) to gain insight on who we are as people and what we must do to achieve our hopes and dreams. I am a psychic medium of earth and spiritual advice, and I work with angels to provide answers to where ever you need help. When you feel like youre alone, you're not; there are forces beyond us that want to be your guide and watch you flourish.


I know I been a psychic since I was child. Over the years I have mastered my craft and decided to use them to help many people over the world. I truly believe that before from the other world can help us be more successful and happy in this world.