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I discovered at a young age that I could communicate with spirit guides. I have been reading tarot and angel cards professionally for over 10 years. I was classically trained by NY Psychics world famous Ann Maid. I give clear and accurate readings with the help of spirit guides and angels. I also use pendulums to help enhance my readings. I can do aura and energy work as well. You will be amazed.

Personal number 1130


Hello Love Bugs I am Ms Jai Love. I am an intuitive healer Tarot/ Oracle Card Reader I am a Healer and certified Spiritual Advisor and Life Coach but beyond that i just have those "Special Goggles" as my father would say. I have been in the spiritual advisory business for 8 years I am very excited to help guide you or give you clarity, whatever you may be here for.

Personal number 5271


Hi there, my psychic abilities started to develop in my teenage years, but I only started exploring as an adult, making my accuracy exeptional. I have been doing readings online for more than ten years and look forward to doing your private reading.


I have always been a person who everyone has come to talk to get advice and feedback. I am a great listener. I learned that I have the ability to give great advice when I was a teenager, on a different level than others. Call it what it is, psychic ability or just a great active listener who cares and will give you honest feed back.


Hi my name is Madame Leona I am a 10 generation clairvoyant psychic reader I have had my gifts since the age of five years old I have been doing readings professionally now for over 10 years I have three offices in the Sonoma County area I am a very well-known psychic reader I'm able to tell you about your past present future love marriage. I'm able to tap into your aura chakra and third I am able to tell you about anything with family Friends but I specialize in love and business.

Personal number 2484


I am a 3rd generation clairaudient intuitive adviser. I have studied astrology and numerology for 10 years, tarot for the past 8 years, and I have practiced as a paid adviser for the past 6 years. All of my readings include a mix of clairaudience, intuitive tarot, astrology, and numerology. I specialize in life path, career/finance, relationship coaching, and blockage removal. I am a diviner, a conjurer, and a seer let's dive deep get into these messages.

Personal number 4686


My abilities become apparent as a child but has someone once said talent on its own means nothing,so I trained for 10 years before doing my first professional read,I have been doing professional readings for over 20 years and have developed in one of the best readers in the world.

Personal number 4082


Im ekaterina I'm an empath who shares compassion and the drive to give you guidance in making your life better Connect with me for life advice Changes coming .. passed away family members or just if you're feeling lost

Personal number 1677