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Hey there. I am honored to connect with you. I have been reading tarot for over four years now. I also am a certified Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher as well. I received certification for Reiki in February of 2018. I look forward to helping you get the answers you need to life's issues with the art of the Tarot as well as helping you heal through the art of Reiki.

Personal number 6407


I finished psychic for 15 years honed my skills from a master psychic for 8 years with a master psychic graduating as a life coach combining the two allows me not only tell you about your problems but also help you through them I specialize in love and relationships and reuniting lovers

Personal number 7970


My name is Veda, I have always used my extrasensory perception to discover the secrets of life, let my connection to the divine source bring you to the light.

Personal number 6194


I am Revan. I dispense truth to your hopes and desires. Let me look into your mind and reveal all that you need to know! Successfully in business for 10 years and counting. Helping solve humanity's woes amidst this extra dimensional world.

Personal number 8902


I have a very special intuition when it comes to what the future holds in the lives of others. I am especially intune with love and romance aspects of the future, but have given successful readings in all areas of people's lives.

Personal number 7372


When I was around 17 years old I was at a friends house and as soon as I walked in the door I got some type of chill, which was normal to me so I didn't think anything of it. but it was just a feeling. I can't describe it and don't know if I ever will. I felt off. I asked her if anyone had died recently and she said yes my aunt and then proceeded to ask me how I knew that...it was creepy. I've always seen objects that seemed to be people out of my peripheral vision. It scares me but its my life

Personal number 9970


My name is Olivia lux and I am an experienced highly accurate medium / clairvoyant. I have over 13 years of experience and the reading you will get will be straight forward and honest. I specialize in tarot readings pendulums love and relationships and Spirit guides as well as astrology.

Personal number 8004


Hello! My name is Bailey, and I've always been obsessed with astrology. I've been predicting social, professional, and relationship outcomes based on primal astrology for a long time. I'm usually dead-on, but I'm still learning as I go. I'm really in tune with my intuition and instincts, and if nothing else, I'm a shoulder to lean on.

Personal number 5763