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I have always known that I were different from everyone else. I have the ability to feel when spiritual energy is around me. I can also read most people's energies, moods, & mindsets. I also can communicate with those who have passed away as well as those who may be stuck here with unfinished business. I can help to bring peace to you and your deceased loved ones. Let me Guide you to peacefulness


Personal readings from Lucille Alabaster a practical Thelemite. Gnostic High Priestess (Initiatrix) Druid bloodline - 10+ years tarot/cartomancy reading Master of scrying by dowsing Demonology, spell work, Psychic Medium I can scry your lovers mind and uncover hidden problems or bring infidelity to light. Spirits often make me collapse,I make contact with souls that have passed on as well as guiding spirits and extraterrestrial entities...(the Gods). Method Tarot. 93/93

Personal number 1629


I am an intuitive reader who can read with tarot cards and also the pendulum. I also offer astrological readings based on your birthday.

Personal number 9245


New to this world have had my gift since i was 4 but only recently was able to tap in and use it for good

Personal number 7664


This is test profile please do not connect. thanks This is test profile please do not connect. thanks

Personal number 7697


I am a girl rised in small Polish village. I live in small, old house. My mum died when I was young. I live with my grandmother. I have all talents from her. I can see people s soul. I can feel humans attitude. I believe in power of mother nature.

Personal number 9643


Hello ever since a young woman I have been all about intuition I believe in the butterfly effect. I'm a very clairvoyant person and I believe that if we all stick to our instincts we can manifest greatness

Personal number 6513


I discovered my first gift at seven years old, when I trying to warn my friends not to go to the park because I saw danger. My vision was true and from on I began to see spirits, demons and angels as well. I became a healing, prophesying and deliverance minister for 20 plus years before I left religion and became spiritually awakened. I am a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and I have been reading tarot for almost a year. I am presently, mastering Crystal and Natural Herb & Oils Healing.

Personal number 7148