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It's been about a year that I have been helping people with my gifts. I never went in for any practices or took any courses, it just came naturally. Growing up through the years I nevertheless understood why people came to speak with me instead of others. Especially at ages where I was very young I learned very early about things through helping guide others through their situation(s). I've helped many, I hope I can help you too.


I am fun loving outgoing bubbly person who is non judgemental towards others I believe anything can happen


I can help U find the answers to Your questions and the solutions to any problems it is my duty to help spiritually guide many men and women to their full potential in life I will guide U to the path of Ur true happiness & joy the kind that comes directly from ur heart Don't put ur life happiness on hold I will give u the spiritual direction that will change ur life U will not be disappointed with Ur reading It is my goal to help ur life issues in a way that is most meaningful


Hello lovely children of the earth, drinkers of the sun, and dancers in the moon. I am Vanessa Moon, a Spiritual Guide who specializes in discussion-based readings. I am straightforward and honest, so no sugar-coating here! I value truth above all else and believe that with a look inside ourselves we can all come to harmony with our surroundings. Humor is one of my strong suits as well as logical reasoning. I also use birth-charts as a guide.




I have a tarot deck of dreams and i love giving out readings to those in need or just interested in finding out how tarot works


I am 29 years old and have long been in tune with my spiritual side. I have been reading Tarot cards for 10 years for strangers and friends alike. I do no cold reading and will always be honest and explain. I work with the Angelo Cassini Deck and have Archangel Michael cards for reassurance.