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I am a confident reader who is a good listener.i am non judgemental. I am a psychic a tarot card reader and a medium. I can communicate with pets that are liviing or passed on. I also do dream interpretation. I have had psychic gifts and abilities fir over 10 years now. I found and started to recognise my gifts from the age of 13. This is when i discovered an angel at the foot of my bed whi dud not disturb me but smiled. I specialisein love and career.

Personal number 7342


Hi I been practising for long length of time I'm very passionate and very predictable. So please have a look at my profile


I've been aware of my psychic capabilities since I was a young girl. My first skill was aura reading, and since then I have cultivated myriad other skills. I've been performing tarot readings for the past five years and began communicating with Spirit Guides within the last two. I'm deeply intuitive and attuned to my Higher Self. I am skilled in communicating messages from the Universe.

Personal number 4793


Hello there! I am an intuitive psychic with a gift for providing positive guidance where it is needed in your life. Love, work, and family are matters I give intuition on - I'll provide the light :-)

Personal number 5037


I discovered my gift in 2002 when a friends mum was passing . Cautious at first I learned how much I could help people by using this precious gift in the right way. We all need a little guidance from time to time, I don't claim to have all the answers but we can certainly lend a helping hand to guide you when in need.

Personal number 4535


I have been doing this for many years now. I have had many people request to see me bc of my ability. All my customers come out pleased.

Personal number 6854


Need help with finding your one and only ? Let me guide you to your happiness and a fulfilling love life

Personal number 6847


I was born with a special spiritual connection. As a child people came to me for lottery numbers, to communicate with a deceased person. As I got older people would come to me help solve murders, catch a cheating ex or business insight. I have a 90 percent accuracy and take my gifts very seriously.

Personal number 4037