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I am born natural psychic with intuitive and clairvoyant gifts. I can read Tarot and see the future. I am available to help guide you in Love and relationship, marital,finance,future and more. I have 30 years experience in helping others find the correct path in life and with seeing into the future.


I've been in touch with my abilities since I was a young child and I've studied by a Wiccan witch and a Native American shaman. Im known as a medium or mental kinetic i use three types of method so I can calibrate the most accurate reading for you. Tarot cards featuring the major Arcana,runes stones to consult divine Oracle and I Ching for the flow of all things. I do on the rare circumstances perform channeling and sometimes remote cleansing


My name is vicky I was Born with this beautiful gift to help others that are confused lost broken hearted and in pain I have traveled many places and seen and helped so Many people along the way I will go above and beyond to satisfy and comfort my clients


Over 5 yrs experience in tarot reading I take true passion in helping your situations and guiding you into the path of true happiness


Hello I'm Cinderella311 and I am an expert in love and relationships. I have known of my abilities since I was 18. I'd love to help you out with what you need so don't be shy and send me a text.


Hi my name is psychic Liz I've been doing readings for the last 11 years, and I have had a lot of success with it. I have the abilities to connect with anybody, and I can connect with any type of reading as well. I can connect with, Love, career, house and kids, you name it. I provide so much relief, and those burning desires and questions you may have.


I love helping others with my gift. As I believe a gift is to be shared. I have several years of correct advice and guidance. I hope to hear from you and help you down your best path.


Relationships with peers a bit off? Need guidance or reassurance of your path? Love woes, or love worries?Are you questioning your own intuition...I have whatever answers you are looking for. Over 20 years experience. I am only here to help.