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Good day to all. My name is missbernadette and I deal with tarot cards. My gift in using them was passed down through my mother's side. I have an affinity with the cards and use my intuition to help guide me regarding a reading. I take my tarot cards seriously and never underestimate at just what they can tell someone about their future. I offer love and relationship readings. Work and career readings and I offer a lint term in depth reading as well


I am a clairvoyant/audient/sentient psychic and have used tarot cards for over 15 years, as a way to channel my abilities and to help others on their spiritual path and navigate through life's challenges. Having learnt many of the Tarot's spiritual and life lessons myself, I can definitely identify with my client's needs and where they may be on their life/spiritual path and my readings get straight to the heart of the matter with insight, empathy and confidentiality.


I have been an Intuitive Healer and Psychic professionally for 13 years. I wan't to help you get the clear answers you need to move forward in your life. I look forward to working with you today! I specialize in: 7 Chakra Readings Relationship Readings Akashic Record Readings Career Readings Mediumship Readings

Personal number 8755


I have been doing psychic reading since I was 15. Usually about relationships, ranging from friends,co workers, family,and even strangers. I have guided many with difficulties in their relationships. Helping them understand their relationship. And giving them advice based on my readings.

Personal number 1316


Hello everyone! I am a natural born psychic, intuitive, clairvoyant, and empath. I have been honing my craft for a few years. I have been giving readings professionally for a year now, and before that did them for family and friends. I specialize in readings about love, career, wealth, and spiritual guidance! I use tarot cards, Oracle cards, pendulums, and do automatic writing and drawing.


Believes your life path is part of her life path. Tweaks your thought process to change your life. Reminds you of your worth and beauty.


My skills and insights into relationships, romantic or otherwise, have long astonished my family and friends. It took a really long time to admit that I had a supernatural ability that allows me to connect to others on a deeper level. I don't want to waste my gifts and so I'm here to help. I'm available for readings about all kinds of relationships and look forward to opening up a world of possibilities for you.


I'm an empathetic, intuitive, psychic advisor, teacher and author. I have many divination tools that I can choose from. My specialties are geomancy, tarot and trance channeling.