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Let Psychic Stef unveil your destiny with my expertise mediumship, tarot readings and Astrology craft. Wonder what your destiny holds? Is that special someone just around the corner? Looking to contact a close relative or friend? Then let me deliver vital information that has the assurance to enable peace of mind and unlock the doors of curiosity questioned in within the waves of your mind.


I've been practicing for about 2-3 years. It's something I really enjoy doing. I love helping people and want to know that what I'm doing is positively impacting them and making them happy not only with my ability but happy with the information as well.


Personal number 5720


Practiced in the esoteric arts & ready to help you claim your path in love, life & destiny. Call me for all your answers from the stars & beyond.

Personal number 0022


I am recently discovering my psychic cabalities after learning my sister has been psychic for many years now and opened up about her experiences. I tend to specialize in love/romance, health and careers. My current passion is reading psychology books to further explain the human nature while combining it with premonitions.

Personal number 4539


I had it from my grandmother I can clearly understand people needs by their energy fields, she use to help children while they burn and give this talent to me before she die


Do you want to know where your future stands? Would you find love, successful and positivity in your future life? Come and speak to me to get the best results.


I learned Usui Reiki by a shaman 15 years ago. I've got all the symbols, but I usually don't use them because I stay focused on my hands. Hands are the only key. Reiki doesn't make miracles, but it helps. I can do that by distance, but please don't call me if you are taking painkillers, anesthetics or if you have an inflammation. Things may get worse in these cases.