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Offering guidance to you is my primary goal. As your selected tarot reader I will be upfront with you. I am here to have a conversation with you. Offer you guidance on what's currently going on in your life I'm your motivation, here to aid. I specialize in Yes or No readings. I am down to earth, happy and eager to speak with you about whatever you need to get out into the universe. Don't have time to talk or I'm not online send me a message. I lead only in positive directions.

Personal number 1678


I have the ability to read your runes and also tarot readings. From your past, your present and what's to come next for you.

Personal number 8017


Since I was a child I have always had an intuition and vision from out of this world and could see what many will never be able to. I have been told that this abilities have been passed down from my ancestors who come from a line of healers, clairvoyants, spirit guides, and much more from both sides. It only takes me a few minutes into a conversation to make someone feel as if I've known them all their lives and seem to be able to foretell what's to come ..


From a very young age I have just known things and the older I've become the more I've learnt to trust this ability. I am an empath, a healer and an old soul. I can help guide you and seek clarity x


My gifts are in energy healing. I read and interpret energy often streamlining to the truth because that's what sets us free. This empowers me to help guide you through transforming your energy and ultimately everything you attract. We can explore all areas including love, pain, power, purpose, passion, pressure and anything else you would like. Let's rise to high vibrations!

Personal number 2765


I'm a wonderfully gifted woman with the ability to foresee what's hidden in the dark. I discovered I possessed such a talent when I was a little girl as visions came through my dreams. But however if you want to know more contact me. Am also a very sweet caring person with a great sense of humor and open to any kind of conversations. Let's chat

Personal number 1878


I was born with my abilities I learned at a young age that I could connect with others on a spiritual level I have been reading professionally for nineteen years My readings are accurate I give insight direction and guidance in all aspects I answer questions I cover every aspect of life I hope to provide guidance and insight they may not have but need in your situation I hope to uplift your mind spirt and soul I specialize in love marriage career Business confusion Etc

Personal number 7211


I have been practicing since I was a child. I have always seen and sensed spirits around me and others. Be it on the phone with a client or in a photo that's provided. I offer advice on spiritual cleansing as well. I also interpret dreams as well as read Tarot.

Personal number 7700