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As many other psychics have experienced, this is something I inherited from the maternal side of my family. I am extremely empathetic and nourishing Tarot reader and I can offer you a sensitive and articulate session. I specialize in explorations regarding work, love or family issues. Other strengths are astrological synastry and compatibility with crucial dates. Also I can absorb your negative energy,soothe and refresh you with a really powerful prayer. Light and love.

Personal number 5897


I have over 30 years of psychic experience and i have been given this gift at a very young age and use my spirit guides and very accuarte can give names and dates

Personal number 5345


I am a Ashley a born psychic with incredible sight. Helping people for 20 years as a Clairvoyant and Medium. The only tool I use is my sight.


Hello my name is evona I have been a reader for 15 years I'm a 13th generational psychic specialize in love & relationship I although there is no Area in life that I cannot help with if you are feeling confused about a person in your life give me a call I heal broken hearts repair broken relationships and bring back long-lost lovers I also specialize in bringing soulmates together!!!

Personal number 6164


I've grown up with Wiccan values, my grandmother Taught me how to read tarot, how to use my clairvoyance and how to heal. I love my work and I hope that you will too. Get in touch if you want my psychic assistance x

Personal number 5981


Hi my name is Lilly Moon Wolf, From the time I was a child I recall having certain gifts. Because I'm a natural I really don't know what to call them at times. To begin with I'm an Empath so I physically feel what others are going through. Depending on what healing maybe needed sometmes a loved one might come through using me as a medium to give messages from the other side. I hope my gifts bring comfort healing and insight to those i reach. Blessings

Personal number 8772


I'm a naturally gifted medium. I receive spirit messages regarding past events and how loved ones past over Messages of comfort.