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I am a psychic that reads off energy vibes. Also, do tarot cards readings. I pick up from the cards. I also do angels and passed loved ones card readings.


Being a psychic for almost 24 years noe zi would lile to help you answer any questions you may have. Professional advice and guidance is what I do best. Lets start this journey together. Contact me today



Hello I have always had ability growing up, but now I am more intune when reading the cards. I sense the type of person you are & your current path.


I discovered my psychic abilities when I was extremely young. Throughout my childhood, my parents went through much turmoil in their divorce. I discovered my abilities when I began to have visions and dreams about their future without each other and the fate of my family & our relationships amongst one another. I decided to pursue my abilities as a career and I am currently pursuing a B.A. in psychology at the University of Texas.


I have been a spiritual healer since my young age of 14. I have been practicing holistic healing for 6 years and I truly have found my calling! I only want the best life for my clients which is why majority of my clients have not only have fulfilled sessions with me but they also have found their soulmates and most importantly themselves. I am very passionate about self love and being the best version of yourself. So come talk to me...let me heal you so that you can live the life you deserve!

Personal number 2458


I am an experienced physic . Since Birth I was given a gift and the ability to be empathic. My gift is so strong I am affect on a daily basis with Dreams , Images, thoughts , and sounds that allow me to tune into the Spirit world. I want to share my gift to help others and I guarantee your complete satisfaction with y services.