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Descendant of Creole Africans that has practiced tarot readings for my entire adult life. The spirit of my ancestors and the Gods of the old country help me to see messages that are unclear to many people who are desensitized to these energies. Using tarot and a set of divination bones blessed by my ancestors, I can give you a meaningful reading.

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I knew I had a gift ever since I was a kid. I would love if i could help you in any way possible, with any questions you have about yourself!!

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I am a professional clairvoyant who specializes in love and relationships. I am experienced in the way of love.

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I am a reader of people and a reader of love. I know what's right for you and what you shouldn't do

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mostly I am the one that all my friends turn to for their troubles. Wether they just want a friendly listening ear or if they need me to consult the tarot cards, they always leave afterwards with a sense of clarity about their situation.

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I am a psychic, tarot, clairvoyant card reader with 15+ years of experience. I became aware of my intuitive abilities at a young age, when I realised people always seemed intrigued about how I knew things about them, which not many people knew. I also can provide general readings on all areas including love, relationships, family, work, career and future forecasts. My mixture of skills means I can offer a variety of readings. I am a naturally caring, calm, open and non-judgemental person.

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I've always had a sense of what a person is feeling and thinking , I've discovered things about people they wouldn't have seen alone. I help those with clouded minds finally see. I help some find out who they TRULY are and what they want to br

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