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I'm a 22 year old psychic. I have been doing tarot readings for 3 years. I specialize in single Tarot Readings,The Celtic Cross and the Three-Card Spread. I'm also Clairvoyant when it comes to love, relationships and guidance. I'm always going to be as professional as possible, I also pray before each reading

Personal number 5244


Hello I'm Jennifer I'm a 4th generation psychic. I would love to work with you. I specialize in getting right into the heart of the matter and helping you shape a path forward that works for you. I specialize in love and relationship but can also read about finances and other areas of life as well. I can use tarot cards or no tools as you prefer. Looking forward to working with you!

Personal number 4069



Spiritual Psychic Healer, cleansing Aura Energy for over 25 years, teaching meditation and higher spiritual consciousness, accurate predictions on all matters of life such as love life, work and career, Family life situations, PSYCHIC and TAROT card reading's, AURA ENERGY readings Revealing the energy of your aura and how it projects itself to others.

Personal number 8890


I am the fourth generation psychic I have been doing readings for over six years I help so many people through their life journeys whether it's love life questions answers are speaking to love ones that have passed on I tell all my clients to be prepared because my readings are truthful whether it's good bad or ugly My goal is to help people to guide them into provide them clarity in their life's ... if you have a question I have the answer

Personal number 0736


Have known since I was little that I was special. Could always sense things others couldn't. Can always tell you how a relationship will turn, what your signs are saying today, and even more. Message me to find out the special abilities.

Personal number 5888


I have been reading energy and healing with it most of my life. Consciously, I started to heal with my hands as a young child. When I was 22 I went through formal clairvoyant and hands on healing (and going through massage school) training at a seminary for two years and specialized in working with women during pregnancy, birth, and beyond. I now specialize in recognizing and reading energies of Physical and mental illness, abuse, and seeing steps needed to heal and end suffering.

Personal number 7316


I have studied the psychic arts since 1996 taking the wiccan path to psychic development learning to see the future through scrying, learning to view distant objects through remote viewing, and studying the tarot cards to guide people to a better future.

Personal number 4249