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Personal number 5410


I realized in my late teens that I had a senstive ability to connect with people on a deeper level. It caused me great anxiety until I was able to open myself & allow my true abilities to shine thorough. I can feel the emotions of others & am great at reading auras just through feelings. Relationship guidance is something I am very good at. I get certain feelings when reading a person and my mind just opens up to see very clearly the direction or path of to whom I am connecting with.

Personal number 2081


Personal number 6966


I am born natural psychic with intuitive and clairvoyant gifts. I can read Tarot and see the future. I am available to help guide you in Love and relationship, marital,finance,future and more. I have 30 years experience in helping others find the correct path in life and with seeing into the future.

Personal number 2228


I've been in touch with my abilities since I was a young child and I've studied by a Wiccan witch and a Native American shaman. Im known as a medium or mental kinetic i use three types of method so I can calibrate the most accurate reading for you. Tarot cards featuring the major Arcana,runes stones to consult divine Oracle and I Ching for the flow of all things. I do on the rare circumstances perform channeling and sometimes remote cleansing

Personal number 2379




Over 5 yrs experience in tarot reading I take true passion in helping your situations and guiding you into the path of true happiness

Personal number 2492