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I am born natural psychic with intuitive and clairvoyant gifts. I can read Tarot and see the future. I am available to help guide you in Love and relationship, marital,finance,future and more. I have 30 years experience in helping others find the correct path in life and with seeing into the future.

Personal number 2228


I've been in touch with my abilities since I was a young child and I've studied by a Wiccan witch and a Native American shaman. Im known as a medium or mental kinetic i use three types of method so I can calibrate the most accurate reading for you. Tarot cards featuring the major Arcana,runes stones to consult divine Oracle and I Ching for the flow of all things. I do on the rare circumstances perform channeling and sometimes remote cleansing

Personal number 2379




Over 5 yrs experience in tarot reading I take true passion in helping your situations and guiding you into the path of true happiness

Personal number 2492


I have worked as spiritual councillor for many years. I work by means of extreme sensitivity to energy. I read tarot & angel cards. I specialise in teaching people how to help themselves by means of mediation and getting to a higher state of consciousness. I am a reiki healer too. I am also a deception expert. I am hired to detect lies and read people. People who hire me can be anything from someone worried about a cheating spouse, personal investigators to companies hiring staff.


I have a strong connection with the angels and the mystical realm of the unknown. I have relied on these guides since I was 12 years old when a terrible tragedy struck in my life. The spirits and angels have never left me and have held my hand and guided me through my life wrapping their arms around me and protecting me. I feel love and energy and I hope to be able to help you with your questions and issues. Feel the loverall please give me a call x


Hello my name is Savannah and I've been a psychic for over 10 years now I knew I had these abilities when I was just a young girl around 7 years old. Are you having relationship problems? money problems? Or you just need some questions answered that's been weighing heavily on your mind connect with me and I will put your mind at ease today!! I will answer any and all questions you have and help you with all my powers and ability to guide you into a better tomorrow and future.