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Astral Projection or mental Projection the ability to voluntarily project astral body consciousness Out of Body Experience temporary separation from physical body. Aura Reading ability to perceive energy fields surrounding people places and things. Energy Medicine empathetic mental or spiritual energy Psychometry ability to obtain information about a person or an object by touch. Remote Viewing telesthesia our remote sensing to see a distant or unseen Target using perceptions.


once I start talking to a person my guide lead me on a path to give you the best info I can. I want to help you and better your future. my gift should be share with any and all who need it. I'm a loving caring person who loves to help and listen. my goal is to set you on the best life path and help you grow, learn, and heal anyway I can


I have a deep understanding of people's desires and wants. I read energy, paired with your star sign I can guide you through a healing process. Bringing out your darkest and most cherished dreams I want to help you birth them into reality.


I have been reading the Tarot since I was a young woman. My mother taught me, like her mother before her! Want to know if you'll get that job? Or if your relationship will workout? Just ask! I can do a full reading of your past, present and future, or i can spell out a specific word. Also you can just ask a single question and I will tell you the answer. Give me a try. The proof is in the Tarot!


I'm the type of person to give you what you need without you even realizing you needed it. I wish i could tell you how or when i got the ability to do what i do. To be honest i have always perceived it to be normal. I would give my friends advice only for them to come back later in awe. Nevertheless, my childish thoughts are over and i'm here to share a gift.


I've known I was different since I was a young girl. Like my three Aunties, I have been gifted with extensive empathic abilities. My specialism is Zodiac and Astrology and am learning to read Tarot cards. I can help you discover why you may be feeling certain ways which may be due to the alignment of the planets, time of year and certain life choices.


I am an optimistic and empathic . Open to conversation and spiritual - mental support. I have a lot of experience in relationships . On a daily basis spontaneous and smiling , I like deep conversations