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I have over five years psychic and reiki experience. I discovered my abilities during my teens. My friends always rely on me during a time of need whether it be divorce, career choices, a move away or just guidance with life�??s challenges.


Hello I'm Cinderella311 and I am an expert in love and relationships. I have known of my abilities since I was 18. I'd love to help you out with what you need so don't be shy and send me a text.

Personal number 1647


I am a natural born third generation psychic Connecting with the mind body and spirit Mystic remote viewer Spiritual consultant I have helped people all over the world With love Finance business career Relationships Or with any questions that you may have Let me be the light on to your path You don't have to be on your journey alone I will help get you on the right path with no Judgment


I have been providing intuitive Tarot readings for over three years for those in need of some psychological reflection or some advice but have been using the art of divination for self for over 9 years. I provide options, choices and possibilities once the heart of the matter is discovered with each client. If you need a listening ear or some advice please feel free to ask as I am able to provide insight and clarity into any situation I am presented with.


Relationships with peers a bit off? Need guidance or reassurance of your path? Love woes, or love worries?Are you questioning your own intuition...I have whatever answers you are looking for. Over 20 years experience. I am only here to help.


I'm an empathic,intuitive reader/advisor, celebrating 25 yrs of readings for people from all walks of life. I'm non judgemental, and will really listen to you. No matter what you need to say. You can rest assured I will tell you the truth, even if it's not exactly what you want to hear. If your looking for real help and answers, I offer guidance and support on all matters of life, and specialize in love and relationships.


Hello! My name is Manda I am an intuitive empathic psychic and professional tarot reader my style of reading can be described as gentle guidance with intuitive wisdom I can't wait to see what the universe has in store for you!

Personal number 3500


I am a Tarot reader with over 30 years of experience, readings can be done with playing cards or Tarot. My specialty are readings on love, and along with my cards I will give you answers to your questions. Nobody is perfect and we all have personality traits that prevent us from reaching our full potential. I can help you identify what aspects of your life need a little love and care. Tarot can be one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have, relax and have fun.

Personal number 0728