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My name is Patrick and I am here to give you Astrological Guidance. I am Intuitive, Love & Relationship Counsellor. You are not alone anymore. I will provide deep insights into your partner's feelings, intentions and the potential of your relationship. Allow me to share my knowledge and wisdom, you will be equipped with greater clarity in your life. Let me be your spiritual guide.


***I am currently on a period of leave, so unable to answer messages or calls. Please find a different reader, and best wishes*** I been psychic since I was 5 I have the ability to read people's aura and life I also do tarot cards, ruins, astrology, and angel cards. If you have problems finding out if the person is right for you, how about the job is it going to be yours. call me me now I'll tell your future I know you passed and I can set you on the right path.


I am an experienced agony aunt and astrologer who is here to help you. If you need any help or advice with love or life, I can help guide you in the right direction.


I first discovered my psychic ability when I was 10... My grandfather had passed away yet he would visit me on a nightly basis ... Always comforting and calming... He has now become my 3rd eye ... My spirit guide ... My protector ... With his help just listening to your voice I will hopefully enable u to make the right decisions in your life and help u see things clearly. He also can talk to passed spirits ...enabling us to contact your dear ones ... Give me a call and let me help empower you


Hello my name is Adam I am a true gifted master psychic morn with the energy to help. I have helped many people overcome sadness, confusion, mental depression, anxiety and other elements that are alien to our spirit in our body. Let me help you overcome your fear. 35 years experience - I know, I see, I feel.


I have been communicating with guides for years. They have a direct message and get right to the point. They tell you what you want and need to hear. The guides offer guidance and assistance and are eager to help you.


Humble professional Doctor Love, willing to make your relationship work. get helpful guidelines over daily lifes and spiritual heads up.