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my name is ali. i have been able to practice psychic abilities since the age of 5. i will help you through your hard times and love life needs. please contact me for more info


believes in a multi-faith approach, meaning any and all faiths as long as they are based in love and light. Through the years,i specifically has had the greatest privilege of working with Ascended Masters, Archangels, Angels and, of course personal Spirit Guides and the like.i has also had the good graces of working with some of the most advanced and talented renowned spiritual teachers of our time. Known for my accuracy and compassion, she is well sought out for her many spiritual gifts as.


I am a natural born psychic born with the gift to help in all matters of life, I specialize in love relationship job career family and much more. I also tell past present and also future I specialize in all matters of the heart. I can tell you his or her true feelings for you, how to fix the relationship or how to simply move on, I can also tell you about new opportunities coming your way as in career and also job I can also tell you when your true love is going to finally walk into your life


Hello and welcome my. Name is Vivian and my goal in life is to lead guide and direct you into your true destiny as it is my soul purpose i was born with the gift of clairvoyance I'm able to speak and interact with your spirit guide/ spirits around you. That's why I will and can for-tell your past present and future. Iam very quick straight forward and kind. I'm looking forward to speaking with you on any aspect of life Iam. Non judgmental and patient


Blessings of LIGHT to you. I like to go by the name Aditi Atim as a reader. I choose this name because aditi is a Goddess who is a guardian of life and a keeper of LIGHT that illuminates. And Atim was given to me by my grandmother who was a healer and highly intuitive. I have been doing readings for 5 years, i am also a confidence coach and you will get that in my readings.I love to spend time in nature and meditate. I am a lover for the ocean...it could possibly be the fact that am a Pisces.


Yogini, astrologist, diviner, psychic. I am excellent at love and soulmate readings. I have my our astrology blog and was born with special gifts.


Hi my darlings I am crystal and I work closely with the angels to bring you clarity and guidance. I realised my psychic gift from an early age and it's my mission to help and support. I'm also a healer and I work with the law of attraction so all these skills combined help me give you a perfect reading. I work with my spirit guide to give you the insight you desire x


I have always valued the truth very highly. For me, accessing thoughts and feelings on a variety of situations is something that must be practiced every single day and in all situations. It is how I live my life. I welcome the chance to interact with others and to share with them. As such I look forward to talking with you.