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My readings are very complex and diverse . They can range from colours to literal actions that I can see . I was born with the ability to read and have done since . I practise Buddhism which means I am best to talk to about love and death . I am peaceful with the world and help with any concerns you have about love and death .


I was raised in the world of Wicca and listening to your instincts. I've been reading cards since my great aunt taught me at a very young age. Runes, crystal ball and tea leaves are also mediums I use. I am very intune with the universe and seeing signs in nature as well as lucid dreams.


Hello there, I am Kali. My spiritual path has been slowly made more and more clear to me over the past 16 years. I started working with the tarot well before university. what began as a hobby has grown into a way of life. I do best with relationship and personal growth readings.


Are you tired of picking the wrong love partners? Feel like you are doing everything right but keep getting let down? I have 7 years experience helping make love connections for those who truly want to find a deep love. Stop wasting time on dating apps and let me help you find the path to a real soul connection!


I'm hear to talk to you on an emotional level, to help you understand and give you guidance in the various relationships in your life. Please rely on me to give you the advice in going forward and fostering them!


I have a wishaboard tarot reading that has been passed on from generation to generation it speaks to me and will speak to you about your present,and future


I have over five years psychic and reiki experience. I discovered my abilities during my teens. My friends always rely on me during a time of need whether it be divorce, career choices, a move away or just guidance with life�??s challenges.


Hello I'm Cinderella311 and I am an expert in love and relationships. I have known of my abilities since I was 18. I'd love to help you out with what you need so don't be shy and send me a text.