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Genuine and straight to the point. No fluff. Will help guide you down the right path. Able to give times and dates as to when an event will occur.



I help with advising you on your love, career or current relationship. I can advice on what to monitor in the week, month oryear.


I am an expert in love and relationships, angel cards and am a medium. I'll be able to help you in these categories to the best of my abilities.


I am a gifted luving talented woman giving abilities that many do not own. Im devoted and caring to the people i have encounters with. I luv to help i luv to luv. That is what i specialize in the most luv and relationships i have always known I had these abilities and now i want to use them for the good and bring better insights for the ones who can not see hear or feel what i can.


I've always felt very connected to people and all the energies around me. I can sense auras and I'm amazing and helping guide you in the best way possible. I'm loving, understanding and open to everything. You're secrets are safe with me.


i 've worked in private practice & online doing phone, email and chat readings, specializing in love/relationships for 33 years.i have a CASAC as a therapist, I am a 3rd level Reiki Master and Teacher,I have lectured on psychic abilities, I do reincarnational readings and pet readings I was a writer for a metaphysical magazine for 6 yrs -I am truly psychic since childhood. I've worked as a psychic consultant on 2 motion pictures..my readings are accurate, honest and straight from the heart!


My name is Charlotte Ann and I've been advising people for 27 years in areas of relationships,connections and love. I am a gifted receiver of spiritual intuition and psychic energy. My readings are strongest for current and future predictions. I have also practiced astrology all of my adult life. This gift has been a part me of since childhood. My readings are honest and I believe in telling the truth. I can help you find the real answers you need to know about your relationship and love life.