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Welcome! I am delighted you found me. I would like to share my gift with you. Perhaps you are finding yourself in uncertain times, your love life on the edge, or you just feel overwhelmed and don't know where to turn next? Depressed, alone, in-debut? You're not alone, and I'm here too! I'd be happy to chat with you and give you an ear and may even along your light on your path.


Hi my is Maria, I'm a 5th Generation Spiritual Psychic. I have been offering services and specializing in all areas of life for over 12 years. Together we will talk about your Past consult you on your Present, and guide and though your Future. I have been a Spiritual Psychic over 12 years. I noticed my abilities at the age of nine years old. I started to help my mother in her psychic shop at ten years old. I opened a psychic center in 2010 guiding many of people finally gain happiness.


I am a mind-reader. Let me take you on a journey to find what will happen in your future. I can see into the future.


Ima genius when reading the signs in the stars, you will come to realize all I say is truth and knowledge for the future


I am an empath with very strong ties to others emotions and feeleings, as well as the feelings of the spirit energy around them. I read tarot, as well as being proficient in the pendulum.



We are all beings of love. We come from love we are made for love an we leave with love. I started earlier in my craft. When I was only 13... I channel my inner spirt guide to lead me an my followers in the right direction.


I am very intuitive. I specialize in love and relationships. The tools I use are my pendulums, angel cards, tarot cards and my spirit guides. My favorite deck is my Housewives deck. I was born with my gifts and started assisting others outside of my friends and family since I was 20 years old. I love my gifts and I love helping others!