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I'm am a new age psychic, born very intuitive not knowing what to do with my gifts. Able to pick up on all energy around at the moment with the aid of my spirit guides and the tarot I've been in business for two years and just wanting to share my gifts to help anyone in any time of need.


Hello! I am so excited you've chosen me to help guide you. I've been reading Tarot for over 13 years, I started when I was 12! I use a variety of different Tarot Cards and even Oracle Cards to share with you guidance and insight. I am also Reiki certified, which means I use the energy from The Universe to send healing to whomever needs it! So come along with me and enjoy some amazing insights and experiences!



I have practiced Celtic Wicca for about 20 years now. I read tarot cards and tea leaves. I am also a Empath and a healer, so I can feel what people are feeling when in fairly close proximity and I can do all kinds of healing. I am especially good at blessings and luck spells; and if you need help with justice or Karma I am your girl! I will say that I have a lot more to learn about this path that I walk, but 20 years has definitely given me great insight.


Hey im sassy im clairvoyant and want to spend time to heal your body and sole let me help you in your need x


Hi I have been practicing since I was a child everything I have learned I learned through my grandmother , from healing herbs ,spells and crystals to discovering a connection to the spirit world some of my specialism are Angle Card readings , connecting to a loved one who has passed to help the ones still here on this earth come to peace , I also do healing spells i have many recipes of healing teas you can make


My name is Iya and From childhood I have had prophetic dreams and psychic visions. Now that I am older I have perfected my craft and enjoy using it to help others through periods of confusion and doubt. I specialize in all matters of love and can provide direct yes or no answers to specific questions through Pendulum readings. Or if you prefer a full tarot spread with more detail.


Hello I'm Maria I am a natural born psychic with 14 years experience I discoverd my gift at the Age of 11 ever since iv been helping people around the world useing my abilities guideing them on the right path showing them there reason of life I specialize in love/ relationship/marriage/career /etc