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I've worked over 10 years as a psychic. I use my amazing clairvoyant gift to help others in virtually all areas of their lives. I feel deeply connected to her spirit guides who supply me with factual and loving advice to share with those who request readings.

Personal number 4584


I was born with the gift of clairvoyance inherited from my grandmother. My goal is to provide spiritual guidance, knowledge, confidence and strength. I aim be a valuable resource to help you accomplish your goals,rediscover peace of mind,create greater happiness & find a renewed sense of self. My goal is to help others prosper in all matters such as : Love , Business , Marriage , Divorce Reuniting Lovers, Spiritual Health , Happiness , Past , Present, and Future

Personal number 2505


With over 20 years of experience as a professional psychic, Abbigail has skillfully combined her lifelong interests of psychology, sociology, spirituality and theosophy. She provides a unique integration of the intuitive arts with a keen psychological insight. An 'eclectic' psychic who encompasses mediumship, clairvoyance and health/energy readings to provide a full-spectrum experience.

Personal number 4949


I first discovered my talent when i was 18 years old my senior year of high school I have been given a gift to see into the future and read people just like a book.I was afraid to share my talent with the world because I thought people would look at me different so I kept my talent hidden for as long as I could I started my zmy sophomore year of college and now I want to go worldwide anything you wondering about or want to know I can tell you.

Personal number 1855


my speciality is love and relationships. I have predicted many relationships, and future loves. It started when I was just a child I had a vision of who my sister would marry and she did. I then visualised my own and sure enough it came true. I was stopped in the street and told I had the gift by another psychic and that I should share this gift. Ive been helping others find love and guidance in relationships ever since

Personal number 8777


I am great at giving advise on love and life i am an impathe. i feel others emotions has my own. i am also a senitive.

Personal number 5459


Hello, if you need someone that will listen to you... with no judgement...makes you feel better about yourself, and your situation at the end of the conversation...I am here for you! I'm here to listen and to guide you with a tarot reading, oracle cards, and my intuition.

Personal number 4363


I've been practicing for about 5 years but have exhibited abilities my entire life. I have a knack for clarity and healing and all things natural.

Personal number 1075