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I am an experienced tarot and angel card reader with many years worth of experience. I am a non judge mental person and I want to assist you with any issues that you may be facing. I can conduct readings on love, relationships, career, family issues and even general readings as well. Call me for an in-depth and intuitive reading.

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I have received my gift at a very young age I have helped people all over the world I have been working professionally in my office for over 5 years now, I first noticed my gift when i was young I would Connect with spirit guides, look forward in communicating with you to give you a deeper understanding and clarity in your love interest. I can tap into all matters of life, I can tell you what your partners true thought tensions and feelings are

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I am a professional Clairvoyant and Tarot Card Reader with natural abilities. I have a passion for Astrology too, I feel this is my true calling as a genuine people person who loves to listen I am here to help guide. I wanted to offer more to my clients to enhance thier psychic reading experience.As a healer I now offer Chakra ,Aura , healings and share my knowledge of Astrology if needed by client.I specialize in soulmates and twin flames So please don't wait and call

Personal number 0622


Hi my name is Lotus, I'm a gifted reader with years of experience specializing in all aspects of life I'm here to guide and advise my clients regarding any and all subjects at hand I'm here to help shed light on any puzzling situation you may be going through any and all questions are welcomed thank you

Personal number 8614


My psychic abilities were discovered at a young age, and passed on to me by my grandmother. This lead to her teaching me to read tarot cards in my early teens. My areas of expertise is love and relationships. I'm caring, compassionate and honest and can't wait to read for you.

Personal number 4588


My name is Alice I haven't always been a tarot reader but minutes that I received my first Rider Waite Tarot deck I have had exceptional left in my predictions I learned out of the gate the ins-and-outs of Tarot.. I'm just naturally good at it I come from a long line of people with gifts and I come from a long line of Shaman from the Cherokee Indian tribe my grandmother read tea leaves, my mother reads tarot, it's in our blood so let me help guide you on your path.

Personal number 2441


I have been in many relationships and I have learned something new from each former significant other. I can tell you one thing, relationships are not easy. There's a lot of stress you have to deal with but I am here to listen to your troubles and guide you to get back on track with your lover. I'm here to listen as well if everything's all good and you just want to let out all your excitement!;)I want you to think of me as a close friend to talk to

Personal number 1367


I've been in tune with the spirit from a young age. I am a natural empath and have been reading the cards for over a decade. I am able to give you empowering reading using both my natural abilities as a psychic and the message from the cards.

Personal number 5429