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I have always been connected to the spiritual side. I would research different spiritual subjects, but I found my true calling in tarot. I started practicing and reading for friends when I was a young woman then slowly got referrals and had the opportunity to do readings for social and spiritual events. My readings are very open and I focus on you and the questions you have. I also believe that the cards are more a a guide then something set in stone, and they are only here to help guide you.


Hello, my name is Yanet and i can give you some help or company if you need some kind of support or just be heard ,i´m just here for you. Everyone goes through difficult times in life and you may not know how to face them...just let me know...The most problems can find very good a solution. I have took experiencies with healers and plants and has help me for myself and i would like to give that love that i earned for me...all to you.

Personal number 5348


Non-jugdemental, compassionate and kind. Intuitive tarot reader and empath. I have 10 years experience and feel very connected to my clients. I channel their energy and let the cards work as tools for that energy.

Personal number 9530


Hello, My name is Ciaran and I thank you for visiting my profile. I am here to understand you and help you make the connection you have been longing for. My area of passion is in relationships as well as helping to heal past scars.

Personal number 9120


I've been communicating with spirits from my childhood years and have since both participated and taught others at spiritual circles in my nearest city. Nowadays I juggle family life with my spiritual path, using my guides to bring forth loving souls from the other side to vertify that our loved ones are very much around us, looking over us, and this brings comfort to my sitters, helping the healing process.

Personal number 5127


Have all your answers on love, destiny, future, past. 100% very professional, trusted, and gifted, and fun mind reader. Talk to psychic before you go psycho. Been this way all my life. Started to notice how I was always right. This information by no means is to get a medical diagnosis, Psychological diagnosis. This is just for entertainment purposes. If by reason what has been revealed to you is true and accurate then I have successfully done my job as a professional psychic. Thanks.


I am able to help you see what's going to happen in the near future and help you see what decisions you need to make and which not. If you have relationship problems I am also here to help you. Dont be shy and come in. I can see that you want to.

Personal number 9077


My name is Rain and I am a Mystic. I discovered I had psychic abilities since I was a young girl. I've been practicing tarot and other forms of divination for ten years now. I connect with my spirit guides and angels to give great insight in the readings that I give. I specialize in love and relationship and career readings but I love to help you get your answers no matter the question.

Personal number 5564