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As a child I knew I was different. I loved what everybody thought was strange. I could see what other people could not. I had a deeper understanding of the spirit world. When I was 11 I knew I was here to help humanity.

Personal number 1572


My name is Georgina and I am a intuitive psychic, empath, crystal healer and reiki practitioner. I also read tarot and angel cards. I've always been very sensitive. I've always been 'different'. My journey towards awakening my gifts started a few years ago when I had a near death experience. My soul mission is to help heal and give guidance to people. Would love to hear from you to help you find inner peace, clarity and guidance. Love and light always, Georgina x

Personal number 7106


Hello. I am an empath and psychic healer who has been helping others for over 30 years by giving non-judgmental advice and acquiring a reputation for being accurate. I have been able to see auras and spirits since I was a child and I have been reading cards communicating with spirits since I was 7. I use tarot,Lenormand cards,pendulums,spirit guides,totem animals,Reiki,Healing Touch,aura cleansing, and chakra balancing. I also do distance energy sessions on people and pets.


Hi my name is psychic Dalila I am a fifth generation psychic I have 15 years of experience I specialize in all matters in life I'm not always spiritual visor I also guide and help people through out life

Personal number 2368



For over 20 years I have been able to see the forth coming and speak and see spirits that have crossed over trough time and practice I have embraced and developed my gifts and enjoy offering my services to the world. Let me help answer questions and ease your mind during your journey called life

Personal number 2485


my name is poppie and i am here to help you understand the path of your life your predicted future and more.


I tend to learn by doing. Love and romance is definitely my skill. I help a lot of people find or fix their problems when it comes to romance.

Personal number 2410