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A tarot reader and spiritual guide. Lover of astrology and the occult. Libra sun, scorpio moon, taurus ascending, a perfect guide and support. My libra sun gives me a diplomatic and friendly approach, my scorpio moon keeps me an empathetic perfectionist. My taurus ascending makes me a common sense kind of lady, with a love of living well and a strong ability to manifest my desires into action.



I am a picsces and strongly believe in astrology. I believe the universe connects us and everything living with the stars


Hi there! My name is Amethy. I would absolutely love to help you today. I am a Medium/"Metaphysicist"/Knower. I (Only) do Tarot Readings, Love & Relationship Information, & Natal Chart Interpretations. If you need to understand something strange going on in your life, want to know yourself more intimately, or even just need clarity on a situation... I'm your guy/guide. Clear Insights. Very Well Spoken. I appreciate you so much. Thank You!


Like Oracles in Greece, I can guide you through through the mysteries of the universe. Love? Money? All questions that can perplex even the shrewdest mind. But we can find the answers together.


I've been a sensitive for as far back as I can recall. I've been able to see things that many can not. I'm happy to help you.


I've been gifted with proficiency in astral projection and prophetic dream interpretation since I was a small child. It seems to run in my family and I love to use gifts for the betterment of mankind.


Hello my name is Kandrea I am a psychic clairvoyant and medium. I've been gifted my entire life but didn't fully walk into my gifts until last year. Depending on how much you trust me I can look directly into your home and even see what you're doing in the moment. I can read auras and energy as well. I love to read tarot and oracle cards I also am gifted in scrying and cartomancy. Peace and blessings