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I am a psychic, tarot, clairvoyant card reader with 15+ years of experience. I became aware of my intuitive abilities at a young age, when I realised people always seemed intrigued about how I knew things about them, which not many people knew. I also can provide general readings on all areas including love, relationships, family, work, career and future forecasts. My mixture of skills means I can offer a variety of readings. I am a naturally caring, calm, open and non-judgemental person.


I've always had a sense of what a person is feeling and thinking , I've discovered things about people they wouldn't have seen alone. I help those with clouded minds finally see. I help some find out who they TRULY are and what they want to br


Hi my name is madamblue, I have known of my psychic ability from an early age. I have always had the sense I was gifted in this department. When I started receiving signs I knew that I had to channel this gift into helping others. For the last 13 years I have been reading for people and giving very personal messages. Let me help you to discover the answers to your questions, and guide you in your journey.


I have practiced the arts for 11 years. I discovered my abilities when I was 9, I could sense before going in somewhere what the atmosphere was going to be like.


Personal number 2190


hey, i am not a "trained" psychic, i was born a psychic witch. I work with all types of spirits, but my strongest connections are Angels, The Goddess Venus/aphrodite and Oshun the African love Goddess. I can heal you and read your energy through angelic powers and pure white energy. I Specialize in Love, sex, sex energy healing. money etc. I can give you advice on how to read the signs around you



Welcome! I am a young spiritualist who discovered that my natural compassion and empathy were connected to something much greater than myself. I get to know those I speak with and through that connection can help guide them to truth, release, or the next step in the journey we are all taking together. Come to me with an open mind and an open heart and let's explore together, free of judgment, to seek the guidance and comfort you need. With Love, Helia