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Greetings and blessings, I am Esta and I guarantee I can help you with anything you are feeling stuck on. I specialize in tarot readings- where I relay the messages from my spirit guides to you. I must warn you that I do not sugar coat things, I say them as my spirit guides tell me, so if you want the honest truth- then I'm your person. I specialize in love/ relationships, career/finance, and any other areas of your life you may need answers to!

Personal number 8609


I have been a medium since I was a child. Trust me in making all of your important decisions. I will only lead you in the right direction. I only want what is best for you and your future.

Personal number 1925


I specialize in love and relationships and am a natural healer. I use Oracle cards for my readings and love to help others on their journey to spirituality. Through me you can gain wisdom and insight on day to day issues.


Greetings, I am Mystic Marie and I am here to help you on your spiritual journey of enlightenment. I discovered my gift when I was just a child--in fact the women of my family have been 'gifted' for a hundred years. I have honed my gift through the use of astrology and tarot cards. I will tap into your soul energy using divination and you will feel empowered and energized with a clearer vision of self. I will tell you what you need to know. Please contact me and let's discover together!

Personal number 4143


I am a true clairvoyant who specializes in soul mate connections, relationships, and love. I can guide you through career and offer life, spiritual and distance healing. I use the Angels, Tarot/Oracle cards and sometimes Spirit to guide me. On occasion, I do offer medium services. Contact me today to help you navigate your path.

Personal number 7844


Im Josiah Im a psychic empath clairvoyant and mediumship. I have been a psychic advisor for 13 years specializing in love and relationships. I also can help with answering life questions come to experience the difference with a true reading that could change your life..

Personal number 2213


Hi my name is Selena I really love to help people with giving them the best love and relationship advice that I know will help them get through whatever situation you are in. I aim the efficiently help you see and know what I feel will help you in the long run with current, past, and or future relationships.

Personal number 1820


My only goal is to help all that need guidance. I know how it feels to be lost, let me help guide you back to the path you are meant to travel with a special tarot reading just for you!

Personal number 7477