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Hello my name is Venustarr. I noticed my clairvoyant abilities since childhood with vivid dreams and sensing the weather. I've always had a close relationship with spirits. I also use tools such as Tarot, oracle cards, ouija boards, and automatic writing. I'm also a speaker and healer. I use my gifts to help you accomplish your goals.

Personal number 7215


I was seven years old when I discovered I could see life through a different glass than the average person. Over the years I've become even more intuitive and have expanded my abilities into the territory of reading energy and interpreting them to the best of my abilities. I love helping people and empowering them to uncover their truths in order unblock any negativity that may be hanging around in their lives or to provide closure.

Personal number 2812


I've been practicing for about 3 years. Love, relationships and healing are my specialties. I just enjoy helping people and giving insight.

Personal number 2097


I study in the area of wicca and have done so for the past 13 years, i can do tarot readings, and do herbal readings such as tea readings along with spells but only certain ones upon request.

Personal number 6148


Hey I'm the angel of healing Raquel .... I'm a life coach and health coach so I'm very talented at seeing issues and blockages in your health or life path. So don't get offended ..... I use angel cards connect to the angel chosen then continue with the tarot reading. If you want a love answer I'll consult the works of Shakespeare and I'll also consult Heaven and Jesus for what the universe wants to tell you ... I'm a psychic empath who also reads auras

Personal number 1070


I have been able to access my abilities since I was a young woman. I always knew there was something special about me, from being able to know when the phone was about to ring, to when we were about to have a guest visit. I became more aware of this as I was able to feel peoples emotions and know what they were happy or upset about. As I aged it formed into being able to read people and know what they were thinking and connecting their loved ones spirits to them.

Personal number 6119


I can access psychic visions through dreams. My intuition and psychic awareness has become stronger, and I am able to do astral travel, and connect with higher intelligence. I have an ability to connect with Oneness and have strong connections with Angels. I consider my self as a light worker and wish to make connections with others who seek love and light through the spiritual and physical realms. I can be your guide to re connect your consciousness to the Star Gates.

Personal number 9613


I have always had an affinity for my psychic powers and I have always had a fascination surrounding it, hence leading me to discover my own abilities. I am a natural clairvoyant and it is something I discovered at an early age.