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Hello my name is Blaise & I have been reading Tarot for several years. After starting off with the Tarot, I soon realized that I was going much deeper into the readings, giving people more information on a psychic level. I know in these hard times we are all looking for answers about work, relationships & money. If I can advise you with any of those matters or something else you need to know then I would love to hear from you. Let's share a coffee & chat. Book me for a more indepth reading. :)

Personal number 2463


Hello my name is Rose I am a gift of natural born psychic healer no matter what you may be looking for buzzer and maybe love and relationships. I am here to help I will ask you nothing and tell you everything I come from a long line of psychic healers and advisers and I will tell you you're past present and future and tell you what is the best path for you to meet beyond no matter what it is you're looking for I am here for you no problem is too big or too small

Personal number 6529


Hello my name is Mia I am a world-renowned Clairvoyant psychic I have experience of 25 years also helping many people around the world including celebrities help seeking guidance on love reunites lovers career all matters of life stop thinking about life's problems let me help guide you

Personal number 8166


I practiced for about 3 years. I discovered it when I would instantly start feeling a certain way and get a feeling something as going to happen and it would happen!

Personal number 3908


I am a professional Clairvoyant and Tarot Card Reader with natural abilities. I have a passion for Astrology too, I feel this is my true calling as a genuine people person who loves to listen I am here to help guide. I wanted to offer more to my clients to enhance thier psychic reading experience.As a healer I now offer Chakra ,Aura , healings and share my knowledge of Astrology if needed by client.I specialize in soulmates and twin flames So please don't wait and call

Personal number 0622


When I was growing up in South Louisiana, my family was well known for its psychic ability. I come from a long line of astrologers, psychic readers, and voudon adherents. I began training as an astrologer at age 12 and have for over 20 years. I can't wait to put my expertise to work for you!

Personal number 3887


I am an intuitive psychic medium. I will provide insight and guidance on the problems that you are facing. My readings are clear and straight to the point. We can talk about anything that is worrying you. This is your reading and it is judgement free. Talk freely and openly about your problems or concerns. Ask questions and receive clear answers. I will use my gifts to guide and support you. I have many years of experience as a psychic and as an empathic healer. I am here to help you.

Personal number 6038


From the Tuscarora Turtle Clan I am a hereditary seer with a strong connection to the star peoples and spirit realm. As a child I had precognitive dreams and a deep interest in spirituality. I was highly intuitive and empathetic. I was drawn to studying a variety of tools which I now use to help answer questions with depth and compassion. I use tarot cards, runes, oracle cards, a pendulum, crystals, and a spirit board. My spirit guide helps me to more fully understand the messages.

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