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I grew up just "knowing things." I would have, what I call, a "push" to say something to someone. They would ask how I knew things about them and I would say, "I don't know." It took me sometime to realize that not everyone has these feelings. I continue to learn about my gifts and to am finding a stronger connection than ever with my guides. I'm grateful to have the ability to help people move toward serenity just by use of my gifts.

Personal number 8083


I've been a psychic healer for over 15 years I discovered my abilities when I was 15 and have a great insight to the psychic connection and an abundant knowledge of twin flame connections And connected to the healing powers

Personal number 3746


HORUS I am very friendly honest and polite, gained my abilities from very young age grew into it in Egypt specialist in love and relationship. I am gifted with the fourth eye and can see things through peoples energy. I can also give direction, love and hope

Personal number 5356


Founder/CEO of Holistix Life & Celebrity Spiritual Intuitive & Numerologist 17 yrs bringing you answers solutions & insights about your life path-gifts- lessons & can accurately predict good timing on decisions & probable outcomes by calculating your life cycle & guide you for the best results in any area of your concern! (Love/career/holistic health consulting!!) empath/medium/ higher self conduit for angelic oracle readings with precision & clarity while gaining a nurturing new friend & guide!

Personal number 5661


Hi, I'm Evie, and I am an intuitive, empathic and down-to-earth natural psychic reader with 8 years of experience. When I read for you, I will mainly use my natural psychic abilities, in conjunction with my cards. I have a number of different types of cards, and depending on your situation, I will use the deck most appropriate to it. I can also offer chakra balance, astrology and numerology readings, as well as crystal therapy.

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Healing Angel Alise has been communicating with the Angels, the Ascended Masters, and the Spiritual Realm from a young age. She has developed her intuitive, spiritual and manifesting abilities to help others. Angel Alise enjoys helping her clients and teaching them how to hear their own Angels. Healing Angel Alise receives and delivers angelic and intuitive messages from the Angels and Spiritual Realms. She specializes in Intuition, Spirituality, Angelic Oracle cards, meditation, and prayer.

Personal number 6046


I have been reading peoples' Tarot cards for over 20 years, and have picked up spirits when I speak to people. My spiritual gift once helped detectives find a suspect they were looking for.

Personal number 9100


Also specialising in Spiritual Dowsing I have the ability to communicate to departed loved ones animal or human, i am also very well in tune with my cards all Angel Moon and Tarot...i have a love for rune stone readings also

Personal number 8198