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I have known about my abilities since age of 5. Luckily It runs in the family so I had guidance to devolop more. I would love to connect with you and help you with any problems you are currently having

Personal number 1921


I am Madam Nikita and though I'm 43 years old this lifetime my soul is millions of years old destined to keep returning to earth to Help others find answers about their twin flame and how to find them, keep them, or get them back into their life.


Since I can remember I've been helping others with my psychic abilities. Wether or not it's love , work , environment or just a simple boost in life I get enjoyment and pleasure from it. I've helped many people learn who they are and what they will become . I can't wait to chat with you !


My specialty is the unknown. Everyone wants to know what the future holds for them but your future may only be visible 1 clue at a time I specialize in seeing these clues and helping you piece them together. After a brief talk with Naomi most customers leave feeling excited and determined for the future ahead!


Hi I am sister Nancy I've been a psychic and spiritual advisor for 15 years I am the fifth generation clairvoyant medium And I'm here to help I specialize in love relationship past present and future i'm here to help with any problem in your life no problem too big no problem too small I can help with it all


I am Honey ThaGoddess, your personal tarot reader. I knew I had a gift at a young age but did not explore it fully until after I became an adult. The way tarot cards work is I pull the cards and give you what they symbolize and you take that meaning and see how it fits and resonates in your heart. You do not have to disclose personal information to me in order to get the reading because the Universe, the Divine, Spirit, or God already knows and guides my hand as I go.


able to see, hear, feel, sense, taste, or have intuition beyond the boundaries of the physical world. It is difficult, perhaps even impossible, to firmly define what society deems �??normal�?� perception. After all, we are conditioned to believe that our perception of reality is fairly concrete: We assume that everyone knows the sky as blue or can detect when someone is in a cranky mood.

Personal number 4441


Hello all... PsyBrielle here. I take pride in being able to provide my clients with clear and descriptive visions which are available within minutes of assessment. Are you looking for personal guidance regarding the toughest of life's decisions? Let PsyBrielle aid aid you to an existential underatanding.