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I have been using tarot for over 20 years, clairvoyance as it comes since i was a small child, and i specialize in relationships or just a listening ear and unbiased advice. Is he/she the right one? Should i change jobs? Never any judgement. Completely confidential.


I am a second generation who has a wide ability. I am able to communicate with the other side, angels and even pets. I have forseen pregnancies even when non are planned.I can see what ails you and heal.I have helped people across the globe and have regular customers who always consults me for the smallest thing due to my accuracy. Haunted houses are my speciality. My understanding of the other world is of the South East Asian. I know I can help in your need.


Readings in my family have been passed on in my family through the womens side for decades. I can guide you on love,money and your career.


I could connect with anyone, I love to hear anyone talk. I could give great advice. I'm a great listener an wouldn't mind talking at anytime of the day/night


If you need relationship advice, I can help you. If you feel that you are incapable of a meaningful love life, let me guide your heart.


I have been practicing as a psychic on the NYC streets for over 10 years. I've knew I had special powers since as early as the age of 7. I have been helping many people with their needs to connect with their loved ones and discover hidden mysteries.


I have been a physic for years, I discovered it when I was about 12 and now I'm so in tune I can figure things out in seconds. I'm kind and I'll work with you, with whatever you need!


I was born clairvoyant and when I first read someone I was 15 years old and it was my sister I read her everyday and told her everything that was going on in AL and I live in MI. I don't need any special effects I'm the real deal. I can tell you about the past,present,future,relationships,Health look at your body like and X-ray,Money,Love, read your thoughts, I'll help you get your mind and body right and succeed in life. I don't go by psychic or mediums I consider myself as a reader and healer.