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I can give you the insight you have been looking for into your love and relationship life and give you what has been going wrong for you.


Welcome there, I'm mysticana i have been predicting fortunes and tarots for aslong as I can remember in this life form. I have always been intuitive. Even as a child I could predict who would visit or phone as iv grown older I have homed my skills and abilities to be able to help others. Look forward to sharing my gift with you.

Personal number 0563


Over 20 years experience! What you NEED to know - not just what you want to hear. The straight scoop from Spirit. We cannot stop the waves, but we CAN learn how to surf them.

Personal number 0092


I love being a psychic medium and helping people every day. To me, there's nothing better than connecting you with your loved ones on the other side.In a psychic reading, I always do my best to get all of your questions answered. Sometimes loved ones come through in these readings to say hello and to give you advice as well. I will help guide you and give you insight into your life, so you can get some clarity and peace about where your path is heading. You will always get what you "need".


I was born with a gift that has been passed down on my mother's side of the family for years now. I've finally decided to put it to good use now.

Personal number 6330


I have long immersed myself in the world of mysticism and spiritual guidance. I specialise in the workings of relationships and love dilemmas.

Personal number 0621


I've been edging into the psychic realm for as long as I've been self aware as a human being. Give me a call, I know I can help...


Hello, dear friends. My name is Isabella. I am here to help and guide you in any areas of your life in which you feel you may be stuck or lost in- what is your heart calling for? I am here to help you find out- I love my work and I love to talk with people and help them shine their light.